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YesChef is an immersive online experience offering home cooking classes taught by the world’s best chefs, to let anyone become a chef at home. The masters of each cuisine take you on a journey to discover their home town, restaurant and home kitchen, and share and teach the foods, knowledge and techniques most personal to them. Each class is designed to distill the skills it has taken these chefs a lifetime to acquire, so that you can follow along and learn hands-on how to cook like them in your own home kitchen for your family and friends.

  • Learn the fundamentals of home cooking, from appetizers to desserts, using ordinary ingredients and simple tools. The world's greatest chefs are your private intructors.
  • Watch and learn where you want, when you want, on your mobile device, PC or TV.
  • Your All-Access pass gives you unlimited access to an ever growing library of exclusive cooking classes taught by the world's greatest chefs.
  • Each class is 3 to 4 hours long, including story-driven documentary style content plus over 15 hands-on lessons where the you'll learn the chef's techniques, recipes and secrets in their own home kitchen.
  • Go on a culinary journey and learn from the best, as wach class is packed with the knowledge it has taken these chefs a lifetime to procure.
  • Access exclusive recipes, techniques and skills, and become a chef at home. Discover the secrets, tips and cuisines of each celebrated chef, as you master the fundamentals of cooking and learn the techniques to create incredible food at home.
  • Follow along step-by-step with a guided cooking companion, that let's you learn at your own pace and cook alongside the chef in your own home kitchen.
  • Insider Access: Go behind the scenes of our productions, ask questions to the chefs and be a part of the YesChef community.