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Our Founding Chefs

Nancy Silverton

Teaches how to host dinner parties


The legendary Nancy Silverton - often fondly referred to as the Queen of Delicious - is known for her obsession with the pursuit of flavor, technique and perfection. Michelin star holder, recipient of the James Beard Foundation's Outstanding Chef Award, and author of many wildly successful cookbooks, chef Silverton has been on a lifelong journey to make the world truly delicious. Reigning from Los Angeles, Nancy lives part time in Panicale, Italy.

What you’ll learn

Chef Nancy Silverton is going to teach you how to cook like her at home, and how to host your own dinner parties. Besides making simple, flavorful and gorgeous dishes, Nancy is an unparalleled host - and is now going to share her secrets with you. From incredible antipasto, to mouth-watering pastries and baked goods, you will go away learning not just how to cook like Nancy at home, but how to host like her, too.



Teaches his soul food


Chef Edward Lee refuses to be defined by his heritage, culture or location. Born Korean, raised in Brooklyn, living in Kentucky, Edward is more than his parts. Having amassed James Beard awards and accolades as an author, chef Lee continues to push flavor forward, by combining his roots with his vision.

What you’ll learn

Discover the new South, as you travel to Louisville to learn how to make traditional souther fare with Ed's explosive flavor profiles. Join Ed as he teaches you from his home kitchen, outdoor grill and open fire, and learn the fundamentals of great home cooking, mastering techniques and of course, Ed's unique flavor combinations that you can make at home.



Teaches modern Spanish cuisine

Humanitarian, visionary and 2019 Nobel Peace prize nominee, Chef José Andrés has helped feed millions in Puerto Rico, the Carolinas and right now in the Bahamas. José's style of cooking can best be described as simple, delicious and plentiful - and now you get to learn how to cook from him at home!

What you’ll learn

Chef José Andrés will take you on a journey to explore the ingredients, signature dishes and nuances of Spanish cuisine, and how to make Tapas at home! Learn to combine Spanish flavors with American ingredients to create inspired and elevated dishes, like José's signature Shrimp and Squid Paella, by instinct and taste.

With over 15 techniques, methods and recipes to discover, on a journey from Mieres, Spain to Washington DC.


dario cecchini

Teaches home butchery & grilling

Considered perhaps the most famous butcher in the world, its chef Dario Cecchini's infectious passion for meat and grilling that truly sets him apart. Starting with his family's humble butcher shop in Panzano, Dario has created 3 incredible dining experiences for meat lovers, where he shares his respect, love and flavors.

What you’ll learn

Start your journey in Pizano in Chianti at Antica Macelleria Cecchini - the butcher shop that is at the epicentre of Dario's world - and take lessons from the master on home butchery. From steaks to hamburgers to loafs, you'll learn how to become a master butcher at home, before going upstairs and learning how to grill it all, by listening, watching and feeling the meat as it cooks to perfection.


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