Home Cooking, Taught by the World's Best Chefs

The World's Best Chefs Teach Home Cooking

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Exclusive video classes from the world’s greatest chefs. Learn their secrets, techniques and favorite recipes, and become a home chef.

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Get unlimited access to all YesChef classes by the greatest chefs. Learn their secrets, techniques and favorite recipes and become a home chef.

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Our Classes

Every YesChef Class

3+ Hours
12+ Lessons
10+ Recipes

100% Exclusive

Learn from the greatest chefs in the world. The best recipes are only the beginning - you'll discover the how's and why's of cooking, and the techniques it has taken each chef a lifetime to perfect.


Each class is cinematic culinary journey with the chef that takes you to their home city, where they share their story, reveal their secrets and teach you hands-on in their own home kitchen.

Hands-on learning

Bit-sized lessons let you enjoy from the couch and learn in the kitchen - How you want and where you want, with mobile or desktop.

The Best CHEFS

Teach Home Cooking

We are in production with our Founding Chefs, some of the most influential and impactful in the world.

Our Founding Chefs

Chef Nancy Silverton

Nancy Silverton

Travel to Umbria, Italy and Los Angeles, California, and learn how to host dinner parties from the Queen of Delicious.
Chef Edward Lee

Edward Lee

From New York, via South Korea, head on down to Louisville, Kentucky and go on a flavor journey with the James Beard Outstanding chef.
Chef José Andrés

José Andrés

The secrets of Spanish cuisine - and Tapas - are at hand, as you go on a global culinary adventure with the great humanitarian and 2019 Noble Peace Prize nominee.
Chef Dario Cecchini

Dario Cecchini

The most famous butcher in Tuscany, maybe the world, visit Panzano in Chianti and learn from the master how to become a butcher at home.

- More Coming Soon -