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Jamaican Breakfast

Kwame Onwuachi

Lesson time

It’s not breakfast in Jamaica without ackee and saltfish, a dish that Kwame’s Grandma Gloria would serve him as a child. Kwame teaches all about Jamaica’s national dish which reminds him of comfort and heritage.

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About the Instructor

Our upcoming teacher is a James Beard Rising Star Chef award-winner, best-selling author, and a leading cultural force in the modern culinary movement.

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Kwame Onwuachi
Teaches His Jamaican Cuisine

Join Kwame Onwuachi, the award-winning chef and best-selling author, on a journey to Jamaica as he explores his Afro-Caribbean culture, cuisine, and heritage. Get a true taste of Jamaican recipes and ingredients when you learn the secrets to making iconic dishes like jerk chicken, oxtail, rice and peas, curried goat, and beef patties with coco bread. Kwame’s classically trained chef background will feed your culinary knowledge as he teaches fundamental techniques that every great home cook needs to know, like tips for prepping your pantry with the utmost essentials and how to make the most incredible soup stock recipes. Prepare for an immersive and flavorful joyride through the beautiful island of Jamaica and learn game-changing skills like layering and building flavors and how to cook with intention. Kwame’s class will give you a new repertoire of recipes and empower you with the tools to elevate every dish you ever make.

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