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Kwame Onwuachi | Teaches his Afro-Caribbean Cuisine

Jamaican Cuisine

Asma Khan

Indian Cuisine

Francis Mallmann

Argentine Cuisine

Nancy Silverton

California Cuisine

Erez Komarovsky

Israeli Cuisine

Edward Lee

Southern-Korean Cuisine

Dario Cecchini

Steak & Butchery

Coming Next

Southern Cuisine

Streaming December

Nina Compton

Creole Cuisine

Streaming December

Pía León &
Virgilio Martínez

Pía León & Virgilio Martínez

Peruvian Cuisine

Streaming December

Chris Bianco

Pizza, Pasta & Salads

Streaming December

Narda Lepes

Modern Argentine Cuisine

Streaming December

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Frequently Asked​ Questions

YesChef is a subscription video service where the world's best chefs are teaching exclusive cooking classes for the home cook.


Each class is a cinematic, story-driven journey that culminates in hands-on teachings in the chefs’ own home kitchens. YesChef is available on all devices so that you can learn anytime, anywhere.


Our all-access subscriptions give you unlimited access to an ever-growing library of classes by the world's best chefs.

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From there, the learning continues through ±12 hands-on lessons teaching the dishes that are most personal to each chef, the skills, techniques and concepts that took them a lifetime to acquire.


Each video is accompanied by its short-hand recipes, ingredients list, step-by-step real-time instructions and subtitles.

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Nina Compton believes delicious meals aren’t about trends, shock value, or opulence – they’re about moments, memories and those who surround you at your table. In this class, she combines her deep knowledge, her classical training and her warmth of spirit to teach you all the insights behind the simple yet sophisticated cuisine that’s won her countless accolades.

Join her on a journey through the culinary capital of New Orleans, and back to her Carribean roots of St. Lucia to explore the depth and breadth of Creole cuisine. Emerge with a command over flavor and a deep understanding of the traditions that inform Nola’s fascinating and complex corner of the culinary universe.



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When Narda Lepes opened her plant-centric restaurant, Comedor, in the middle of the meat lover’s paradise of Buenos Aires, many Argentine traditionalists scratched their heads. But one by one, Narda won them over with her common sense approach to cooking, one that puts flavor at the forefront and lets seasonality and sustainability steal the show. In this class, learn to let intuition, rather than tradition, be your guide to cooking and nutrition. Narda teaches simple ideas and principles that will let you find freedom in the kitchen, while showing you the ingredients, techniques and producers that make up Argentina’s culinary culture. This is not a vegetarian or vegan class, it’s a celebration of the plant kingdom, seen through the eyes of an Argentine omnivore.



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In this special class– co-headlined by husband and wife– you’ll get a one-of-a-kind mind-meld between these two gastronomic geniuses. Explore the flavors, styles, and ingredients that have put Peruvian cuisine on the map, taught by Latin America’s foremost culinary experts. You’ll also get a closer look at Mater Iniciativa, the interdisciplinary research center led by Virgilio’s sister, Malena Martinez. Go on a journey with this special trio to visit their award-winning restaurants in Lima and Cusco, follow them into the Andes and the Amazon, and return to their home kitchens to learn the dishes most personal to them.



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Through his food, Chef Onwuachi urges us to embrace the richness of African and Caribbean culture and cuisine that’s been lost, diluted and appropriated over the years. In this class, you’ll get a true taste of the Afro-Caribbean kitchen, his way, straight from the source. Think spicy, red jollof rice, and even more deeply flavored banga stew. Think “suya” skewers — a go-to staple of Nigerian street food — with tomato soubise dipping sauce. Think fragrant, floral Pepper Soup that warms the stomach and clears the sinuses. You’ll learn Nigeria’s version of a mother sauce, “obe ata”, a mix of aromatics that forms the base flavor of many dishes. Prepare for an immersive, flavorful joyride into the West African and Caribbean kitchen, with Kwame’s one-of-a-kind spins influenced by his Jamaican roots, his Creole-country upbringing, and his current life in the Bronx.



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Shrimp & grits, chicken & dumplings, biscuits & gravy — these are the southern recipes and traditions that Sean Brock reimagined and raised to prominence in his iconic restaurants. In his class, you’ll learn these soulful classics, while also venturing into unexpected territory. In Sean Brock’s new town of Nashville, he’s discovering new ingredients, inspirations, and insights into Southern cuisine, and he’s teaching the flavors and dishes that are driving his culinary renaissance.


Teaches her North Indian Cuisine

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Asma Khan grew up taking the express train from Kalcutta to Darjeeling every summer with her family. It was an overnight journey spanning 500 kilometers and a handful of distinctive culinary regions, each rich with their own flavors and traditions.

In this class, we climb aboard with Asma to take the same nostalgic trip through West Bengal, discovering the incredible dishes and recipes unique to each stop along the way.


TEACHES: Pizza, Pasta and food I love

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Chris Bianco, author of “Pizza, Pasta & Other Food I Like”, has lived behind a wood-burning oven for the better part of thirty years. His impeccable pies – with crusts as fine as bakery bread and world-class ingredients as toppings – are all the evidence you need of his lifelong obsession.

In this class, you’ll learn the recipes and fundamentals behind Chris’s signature pizzas, as well as strategies and techniques for translating his methods to the home kitchen. He’ll take you to northern California to visit his namesake organic tomato farm, Bianco DiNapoli, and explore Arizona’s little-known history as a supplier of the world’s best durum wheat.

A master of simplicity, Chris argues that good food is “about stopping when it’s enough” and he’ll teach you to trust your editing instincts on your way to the perfect pizza, pasta and produce.