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2 Memberships for
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Send them on culinary journeys with the world’s greatest chefs.

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Gift your team instant access to a new cooking platform that takes them from the couch to the kitchen.

Every YesChef class uses inspirational storytelling and cinematic production value to create the most immersive and rich experience with the best chefs in the world.

The perfect gift
for your team​

Give your team access to a practical and inspirational cooking platform

Why Teams love yeschef

  Travel the world with the greatest chefs
  Learn to make the most delicious food at home
  Unleash your inner-chef and learn how to cook
  Stream anytime, anywhere
  Unlimited annual access to an ever-growing library

Stream exclusive content from the world’s best chefs

Give each of your employees an Annual All-Access subscription to an ever-growing library of inspirational and practical video cooking classes they can stream from any device, anytime.

What Employees Say

Michelle P.
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"I love the concept. As an ambitious home cook, I love to prepare restaurant-quality meals for my family and friends to enjoy."
Nicolas F.
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"Well done! Good explanations, good video quality, mouth-watering; perfect for the home cook"
Jannette R.
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"Signed up for a lifetime membership. I have always wanted to take cooking classes but I never imagined the cooking classes would be from such accomplished world-renowned chefs for a small amount of money."
Michael G.
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"Really good, clear and simple. This is great, worth every penny. I’m looking forward to using this regularly"
Champella H.
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"I'm excited by the opportunity to deepen my food knowledge by learning from a variety of acclaimed chefs who are masters of what they love"
Jannette R.
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"Great price. Great content. Great concept. Looking forward to many nights cooking the world's award-winning dishes with my husband."
Robin W.
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"So you just cannot go wrong with Chef Lee. His passion comes out in every word and every deliberate action of the execution of that recipe. The start to finish hands-on approach is superb and beautifully filmed by your amazing team."
Kim R.
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"I love it! Great filming and editing make the instructions easy to follow and understand. This will definitely help me to up my game in the kitchen."
"Great experience and so much fun! The world’s most famous chefs are accessible and very generous to share their knowledge and techniques."
Holly E.

YesChef makes it possible for anyone to
learn from the world's best chefs

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