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Discover exclusive video lessons from Nancy Silverton's YesChef class.

Travel to California and Italy and make the most delicious food possible

Bring Nancy’s flavors home and learn the tricks and techniques for creating family meals, seasonal recipes, and dazzling dinner parties.

Get to know Nancy

Stream over 5 hours of video, including a documentary that takes you to Nancy’s homes in Italy and California to discover her food inspirations, alongside 12 lessons that immerse you in her food.

Learn her secrets

Learn from one of the most influential culinary figures in the world, celebrated for her food, flavors, and hospitality. Master the foundations of cooking and the building blocks of flavor and cuisine.

Cook her food

Become a better cook. Get into the kitchen with a whole new repertoire of dishes that will elevate your cooking to new heights. Recreate over 30 delicious seasonal recipes to make your family happy.

What students are loving

"Love this formation on pasta with these great people. This will change my pasta-making with Jamie’s recipe wow can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much"

Yvette L.

"I just love Nancy Sylverton's way of preparing and serving food, I could watch her video again and again. Thank you for sharing your ethos, she is also right about being able to source fresh food, that makes a big difference. Oh to live in Italy !!"

Pamela L.

"I so enjoyed this video! I see Nancy on several Food Network shows as a judge and never knew much about her, so this is wonderful. She is a rock star! I hope to learn more from her and about her."

Julie C.

"Wonderful documentary, I learned so much. I now know why Nancy is always so welcomed by other chefs."

Beth H.

"It is a joy to see this done - especially not being afraid to use lots of freshly ground pepper."

Emily E.

"Looks delicious ?-I think I might have drizzled the tiniest bit of fine olive oil at the very end..and then devour"

Daniella D.

"The woman who brought great food to Calif! I have several of her cookbooks and love them?."

Marylin A.

"Dear Nancy, Thank you for sharing your journey and experience towards your culinary development. I am very inspired by it and hopefully, I will also benefit from it."

Parvin .

"Awesome!!! Nancy Silverton is such a great inspiration. Love her technique and style."

Becky B.

"Never thought I’d be watching a class on a celery dish but after having an amazing gin drink this summer with celery leaves….. I am now a celery fan! Thank you!"

Kelly M.

"She defines LA food for our family and her flavors have always been a part of our family celebration and ingrained in our memories. Thank you for offering this program!"

Valerie D.

"Looked soooooooooo nummy. Will have to look for the Persian whey on line. Hope I can find it!"

Vicki H.

"Looks amazing... cant wait to make it! Wonderful cooking techniques look forward to practice them."

Mario C.

"I loved every second of this story. What stood out the most was Nancy’s kindness. Thank you for letting us get to know her better. PS Also going to visit Italy ASAP because of this movie:)"

Erin h.

"That was an amazing way to put together a salad that takes the Caesar salad to a whole new level. I can't wait to try."

Yvonne A.

"Wow! Looks so beautiful & delicious. I make my own bread and make croutons with the day or two old bread."

Deeann V.

"Excellent! I learned so many little things to tweak when I make my next pie. The presentation of the video was done well and allowed me to absorb what was being taught."

Yvonne A.

"Such a joy to watch the relaxing pace of cooking for a few. Love watching her - informative, calming, comforting and entertaining. She is a Culinary Maven! Thanks Chef!"

Chris l.

"I loved the inside leaves as a garnish, so pretty.  I would make this.  I have diabetes and I think this would be a great vegetable dish for myself, and my husband."

Wendy N.

"It's my first cooking class with you since I've bought to myself this gift on Dec 31. I can't wait to go and buy some peppers to do this recipe! Thank you Miss Sylverton. I nearly smelled the perfumes in your kitchen! I have to say that it's because of you that I've joined YesChef!"

Lucie L.

"I love (as a vegan chef) when I make my garlic thyme butter then pour on to purple potatoes before I roast them. This reminded me of that. So good!"

Kandance J.

"What a beautiful dish! My mouth was watering the entire time watching Nancy make it. This roasted eggplant dish will make an absolutely delicious main vegetarian entree!"

Alison D.

"I'm excited to see so many years of experience in a flour dusting hand. Beautiful lesson."

Hernan A.

"These were the best tasting potatoes I have ever had! My family loved them"

Nyameka P.

"Wow! The best dish so far from Nancy! Perfect as is with crusty bread and a platter of summer tomatoes and some good wine for a light vegetable meal.Thank you!"

Susan M.

"Great episode! Not pie-baking fan, yet who knows Nancy may have inspired me!"

Holly E.

"Easy and elegant appetizers! I like the tips she offers regarding the salted capers and anchovies.Thanks!"

Kristine B.

"I so love the attention to detail and the importance of using the right ingredients. I can't wait to see Nancy's other lessons soon!"

Joanie P.

"OMG! my heart is racing because this was such a gorgeous dish. so easy yet so complex! I loved the way nancy and her guest interacted and the delicate way they plated the food."

Nancy R.

"Such a gorgeous recipe again Nancy, love the tips for slicing garlic, onion and peppers too."

Vanessa G.

"Nancy inspires me to be much more creative with my cooking process. Watching this program has made me much more appreciative of her style of cooking."

Rita C.

"Nancy is amazing!!! In love with her cooking. Hope she can tell us, where to buy the mortar and pestle."

Luciana D.

"That’s looks fabulous, so well presented I feel I could make this. I'm going to give it a try."

Audrey C.

"Wonderful mix of appetizers, so earthy and unique, I am going to make for my annual pre -xmas party. loved the lesson and the dog"

Ann H.

"Looks so yummy! I will definitely prepare these this weekend. It’s hot summer in here and this is perfect for that temperature."

Marcela W.

"OMG a heart attack waiting to happen and it will be so worth it...every dish looks amazing and I will be making them all. Thanks!"

Suzanne Z.

"I can't wait to try this pepper steak recipe during BBQ season. I am really enjoying YesChef!"

Denise L.

"Very inspiring on many levels. Nancy is truly a master artist in every sense of the word."

Ann M.

"Wow, I have been cooking steaks for years, but like Nancy, I like mine rare. I learned a lot about how the meat is being handled. Thanks you! Dinner tonight! :-)"

Marlene C.

"Tomato and thyme is one of my favorite combinations, especially the smell it creates."

Allison A.

"Can’t wait to make these. This will be perfect for Sunday Family dinner this week. :)"

Tricia P.

" the croutons!! How you made these amazing croutons!! You have provided me with extra touches I need to do with my Caesar dressing!! Wow!!"

Lynda S.

"Made this for my husband and brother-in-law. They were blown away, and my husband has told me when I am next making it... I was voluntold."

Jonathan M.

"Excellent! Could you do a video on how to do other Pasta shapes and gnocchI from Italy ?"

Pamela H.

"I haven’t made the potatoes yet bc I already had some cooked so I made the bagna cauda which is AMAZING! So so good!"

J b.

"Excellent recipe with great instruction. My 8-year-old son and I enjoyed making this and we all loved it!"

Amanda M.

"Amazing! Can't wait to try these on my delicious home made sourdough bread. Love the tips and how you use the kitchen tools.Inspiring."

Sharon I.

"Nancy, you are spirited, passionate and ever so kind! I am looking so forward to learning more from your experiencing and your creative cooking styles!"

Lynda S.

"Learned so much, will make it this week. I am so tired of the restaurant Caesar salads swimming in dressing and croutons that would break horses’ teeth. Thanks for the lesson."

Ann H.

"Let me just say how amazing this salad is! This is THE best caesar dressing ever. And the croutons are divine.Thanks!"

J B.

"A real joy to watch. I love how she conveys her joy of cooking with a narrative that is so helpful and full of tips. What a wonderful woman."

Suzy C.

"Thank you for sharing some of your vast wealth of cooking knowledge Nancy!"

Amy O.

"Thank you for the great instruction as well as the ingredient list. This is a ‘must make”…."

Marylisa N.

"Nancy and Ryan are excellent teachers. Absolutely the best steak I've ever had and again, so appreciative of their expert and helpful advice."

Kelly W.

"This looks outstanding! I'm wondering, can the bacon/parsley mix be made earlier in the day (i.e., pre-party prep) and then added at the end?"

Tina S.

"I have made this twice so far and it has been a huge hit each time.The pesto hit the hardest for everyone so far, but everything was highly enjoyed. Thank you so much!"

Jonathan M.

"A beautiful story, can't wait to learn how to cook delicious, simple, and beautiful food."

Siripastr J.

"This was fun to make and the results were delicious. Never thought I would enjoy celery so much. First time using ground, dried lime. That’s a cool ingredient."

Jay C.

"It’s excellent and Nancy’s personally is a real joy. I am 83 and have been cooking for a very long time but this is very special. Nancy has freed me, unleashed me."

Roseanna D.

"Beautiful!! Nancy takes you on an adventure with her! Makes you want to go to a farmer's market, pick up what's in season and start cooking! Thanks!"

Alison D.

"This looks amazing. I cannot wait to try this… my husband even stopped to watch. My first lesson. It looks completely “doable” and delicious!"

Kate C.

"It is absolutely stunning to watch these lovely Italian women craft their pasta so effortlessly!"

Ann K.

"After watching the class I had a sudden urge to go and cook this dish;) turned out Very nice. Very inspiring. Simple, full of flavour, great as it is.Thanks!"

Екатерина Г.

"Loved it all. So inspiring! As a vegan chef, this helps with alot of ideas and twist and turns to making great food."

Kandance J.

"Amazing classes dear Nancy. You bring the taste of Italian food to everyone. I am Italian and it is a big honor for me to have you as an amazing ambassador of our culinary culture. Thank you again."

Nadia K.

"I can’t begin to tell you how much I am enjoying my subscription. I’m a huge Nancy fan and these classes are just awesome!"

Vicki D.

"Looks so good. Another recipe that looks delicious, achievable and you still learn. Love how all the ingredients here are regular.Thanks!"

Dougie H.

"They both do a great job explaining what to do and why. It is like being in a talented friend's kitchen. I also have a Master Class, but so far, I prefer YesChef."

Amber V.

"Love the info. on which type of olive oil to use. Can't wait to try doing a potato confit. Thanks for explaining how the oil/butter mixture can be refrigerated and reused."

Kathy B.

"I think it’s wonderful to see how enjoyable it is when Nancy cooks with someone else in her kitchen. Cooking is a kind of therapy where I’m interacting with the ingredients."

Deborah G.

"I make the celery stew with meatballs and cilantro with lemons a recipe from Morocco it’s a spring festive dish. I love to try this vegetarian recipe looks so delicious"

Natasha S.

"Looks delicious.Usually for an apple pie type recipe it’s over in a few minutes so the detail here is great and easy to cook along with."

Dougie H.

"When you threw your arm back after tasting the apple pie, I felt it! Fantastic lesson, So many great tips along the way. Loved this video."

Leslie F.

"Loved learning about Nancy and her life. The food looked delicious and was more about the fresh ingredients than fancy cooking."

Anne F.

"I have enjoyed all the chefs, but Nancy takes the cake! I love EVERYthing about her style, her food, her approach. Thanks!"

Deirdre G.

"I'm crying. So beautiful, so heartfelt. I am a really good home cook and I cook with same intention, to make something really delicious and to bring people together. Thanks!"

Leslie F.

"Thank you, wonderful technics and ideas, I can not wait to try this recipe with you beside me."

Karen W.

"Absolutely inspiring! She is my absolute favorite chef. I can't wait to start making Nancy's food."

Maria A.

"This is a very happy segment. The ladies are lovely. They made it look easy. Will try!"

Josiane C.

"This was amazing to watch! I had water in my mouth and as a chef myself i'm sure this will taste even better than it looks!"

Jurgen D.

"I want to do a Nancy Silverton food tour!!! Everything looks spectacular, ALWAYS."

Victoria J.

"I am not a vegetarian but all her recipes seems so gooood I will definitely eat more!!!"

Lisbeth R.

"Love this recipe, it turned out amazing and everyone loved it.  The video was very informative and well presented.  I really enjoyed the insight they provided."

Thomas W.

"My inspiration, you have encouraged me to continue to follow my dream. Thank you"

Melissa J.

"What a generous chef and mentor Nancy Silverton seems to be. Her collaborative spirit with younger chefs is inspirational."

Carolyn E.

"Great recipe and technique. Will definitely be trying this on. I love lamb and all of the spices in the spice rub."

Shirley B.

"Enjoyed this class very much. Brought memories of my mom, grandmas and aunts cooking together .Thank you Miss Nancy"

Colleen C.

"Chef Nancy is already an icon in her realm and your production level brings out who she is quite vividly. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with the culinary world!"

Erick G.

"I’m a novice in learning the art and science of cooking at home like a chef, so for me the details of the class were what I need. Looking forward to making a wonderful meal."

Colleen C.

"Excellent recipe--complex flavors built out through surprisingly simple-to-execute steps."

Lauren M.

"I wanna be Nancy Silverton when I grow up! Her place in Umbria is relaxed and gorgeous"

Gretchen T.

"I made this tonight. My wife said, "I'm going to remember this salad for the rest of my life.""

Chris G.

"I too thought the dish was plated very prettily. The egg was perfect. Perfectly cooked egg and the salad was lovely. Nice light lunch or dinner."

Wendy N.

"This was a beautiful video very informative, I absolutely loved it! It's time to make some fresh pasta. Having a dinner party on Tuesday so just in time!Thank you Nancy"

Christiane A.

"Everything she makes is beautiful in its simplicity. As a chef, you start to rethink how you’re cooking and what you do in order to not make everything over complicated."

Kristine B.

"I am excited to try all of these dishes but more importantly learn how to build up flavor."

Antoinette D.

"I LOVE THE ENTIRE FILM…I am now a super big fan of Nancy - her story is simply amazing & inspiring congratulations YESCHEF!!!"

Jordan J.
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Make simple dishes that are easy-to-follow.
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Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of nourishing yourself and wholesomely feeding the people you love with simple and delicious ingredients.
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Get instant access to all YesChef classes now
Get instant access to all YesChef classes now
get inside
Nancy’s class

Nancy Silverton’s pitch-perfect palate leads her on an endless quest to make the most delicious food possible. Join the celebrated chef, author, and restaurateur, on a tasty adventure inside her inspiring kitchens in Panicale, Italy, and Los Angeles, California. Learn a lifetime of knowledge as Nancy teaches over 40 signature dishes and techniques, including her Caesar and other salads, Chi Spacca Pepper Steak, roasted veggies, and Mom’s Apple Pie.

Video Preview
Class Sample
Video Preview
Nancy’s lesson plan

Chef Nancy Silverton gives us a delicious taste of her world, starting in her summer home in Umbria, Italy, before taking us into her home and restaurants in Los Angeles, California.

Transport Osteria Mozza's legendary mozzarella bar to your next dinner party and pair it with four delicious condiments: Salsa Romesco, Basil Pesto, Caper Relish, and Black Olive Tapenade, and served with Fett’unta — grilled bread drowning in olive oil.

Join Nancy with Chi Spacca’s executive chef, Ryan, as they both share the techniques, secrets, and inspiration behind their dramatic and famous Chi Spacca Pepper Steak: a special pepper-crusted steak served with bacon and charred scallions.

From fried parsley and orange zest to shaved cauliflower and bagna cauda croutons, this Chi Spacca Caesar salad creation is bursting with texture, flavor, and originality.

Join Nancy inside her favorite kitchen in Panicale, Italy where she learns to make traditional tagliatelle from the world's foremost pasta authorities: two Italian nonnas!

Nancy puts her own creative spin on this Italian stewed sweet pepper classic by roasting it in the oven to achieve a richer, more deeply caramelized flavor profile. These peppers are going to totally steal the show at your next party.

Ever wonder how a chef conceives a new dish? Watch Nancy’s creative process from the farm truck to first bite in pursuit of a seasonal and delectable dish. Learn how to compose a plate to account for color, texture, moisture, depth and of course, flavor.

Learn how to coax the best texture and flavor out of earthy butter potatoes by first confit-ing them in oil, butter, garlic cloves, fresh rosemary and sage.

The recipe was inspired by Nancy’s celery and burrata dish at Mozza Bar, a plate that chef Deb Mikhail said that “celery can actually be cool.” Doctored up with turmeric, crushed Persian lime and fresh mint, this dish is bright and vibrant.

Learn the eggplant essentials, like how to score, salt and sweat them to release any bitter juices. Caramelize onions, “candy” your garlic, and top with whey to take this dish to another level. An unforgettable side at your next dinner party.

We’re back in Nancy’s home kitchen where she’s preparing Spiced Lamb Ribs for a dinner party. Learn life changing cooking hacks and get a glimpse into Nancy’s quirky culinary world when she busts out a flea market coffee grinder to make her spice rub.

Nancy serves dinner in her Italian garden with a cascade of contorni that highlight the season’s best: roasted tomatoes with thyme & black olives; roasted cauliflower with caraway seeds; baked cabbage with olive oil; and baked onions with sage and vinegar.

Feel at home with this comforting apple pie recipe. Each pie bursts with a heaping cupful of sautéed apples. Nancy loves to top each pie with a big mound of vanilla gelato, and so should you.

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meet your teacher
Nancy Silverton

Nancy Silverton is one of the most influential chefs in the United States. She is the founder of La Brea Bakery and the co-owner of Pizzeria Mozza, chi SPACCA, and the Michelin-starred Osteria Mozza, all located in Los Angeles. The multiple James Beard Award-winning chef and best-selling cookbook author is widely celebrated for her unwavering determination to make the most delicious food imaginable. Nancy finds particular pleasure in cooking for family and friends, which is why she is known for crowd-pleasing recipes and a relaxed style of entertaining.

Transform how you cook

Learn how to cook the foods that made Nancy Silverton the chef she is today. Discover signature dishes, favorite recipes, and dinner party hosting tips. You’ll leave Nancy’s class inspired and with a new set of culinary skills.

Video Preview
Video Preview
Nancy's Story
Documentary | Inspirational | Italy & California
Nancy Silverton’s Documentary Film
59 min

Chef Nancy Silverton gives us a delicious taste of her world, starting in her summer home in Umbria, Italy, before taking us into her home and restaurants in Los Angeles, California.

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