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Learn from the world's best chefs

Get unlimited access to an ever-growing library of YESCHEF classes.
$15 $12/month (billed annually)

Learn from the world's best chefs

Unlimited access to an ever-growing library of YESCHEF classes.
$15 $12/month (billed annually)

Our chefs

Meet your teachers


Flambeeing ● Confit-ing ● Layering flavor & texture ● Mayonnaise making ● Dinner party hosting ● Roasting & caramelizing fruits ● Pasta rolling ● Pastry dough ●  Contorni, antipasti & condimenti ● Homemade croutons ● Bagna cauda ● Meat grilling ● Mozzarella making


Each YESCHEF class begins with an inspirational documentary film on each chef, who then invite you into their home kitchens to teach you the secrets, techniques and dishes that made them one of the world’s greatest chefs.

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Learn the Art of Home Cooking

Watch and learn from the best chefs. Anywhere, anytime.
Every chef teaches a lifetime of knowledge in each Class.


Each class draws you into the chef's life and kitchen, and takes you on a journey into their world. With over five hours of exclusive video content dedicated to each chef, you'll travel to their hometowns, visit their home kitchens, and meet their families, friends and culinary collaborators.


Learn to cook each chef's favorite foods, and discover the people, places and principles that drive and define them. Journey into the life and mind of the world's best chefs, and emerge with the knowledge that took them a lifetime to learn.

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Learn How To Cook, Grill, Bake, Make Pasta, Caramelize, Braise, Fry, Shuck, Bake Bread, Make Sauces, Marinade, Ferment, Confit, Pickle, Steam, Roast

Every yeschef class

Each YESCHEF class begins with an inspirational documentary film on each chef, who then invite you into their home kitchens to teach you the secrets, techniques and dishes that made them one of the world’s greatest chefs.

Take a Journey

1-Hour Documentary Story

Get inspired with a story that draws you in to each chef's world, to discover their food, restaurants and hometown.​



Learn to Cook

4+ Hours of Lessons

Each chef teaches a lifetime of knowledge, across 12 Lessons where you learn their signature techniques, principles and dishes. ​

Each Chef Teaches

12+ Lessons

5+ Hours of Exclusive Video

30+ Recipes

Techniques, Skills & Secrets

25 Minutes

Average per Lesson

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What students are loving

Michelle P.
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"I love the concept. As an ambitious home cook, I love to prepare restaurant-quality meals for my family and friends to enjoy."
Nicolas F.
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"Well done! Good explanations, good video quality, mouth-watering; perfect for the home cook"
Jannette R.
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"Signed up for a lifetime membership. I have always wanted to take cooking classes but I never imagined the cooking classes would be from such accomplished world-renowned chefs for a small amount of money."
Michael G.
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"Really good, clear and simple. This is great, worth every penny. I’m looking forward to using this regularly"
Champella H.
Read More
"I'm excited by the opportunity to deepen my food knowledge by learning from a variety of acclaimed chefs who are masters of what they love"
Jannette R.
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"Great price. Great content. Great concept. Looking forward to many nights cooking the world's award-winning dishes with my husband."
Robin W.
Read More
"So you just cannot go wrong with Chef Lee. His passion comes out in every word and every deliberate action of the execution of that recipe. The start to finish hands-on approach is superb and beautifully filmed by your amazing team."
Kim R.
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"I love it! Great filming and editing make the instructions easy to follow and understand. This will definitely help me to up my game in the kitchen."

What you’ll Learn

Flambeeing * Confit-ing * Layering flavor & texture * Mayonnaise making * Dinner party hosting * Roasting & caramelizing fruits * Pasta rolling * Pastry dough *  Contorni, antipasti & condimenti * Homemade croutons * Bagna cauda * Meat grilling * Mozzarella making

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Chi Spacca Pepper Steak


Chiffonade | Searing | Coarse Grinding

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Nancy Silverton


Our Chefs
Your teachers

Nancy Silverton

Michelin Guide star recipient (Osteria Mozza); James Beard Award’s Outstanding Chef, 2014; featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table (Season 3)


From the quaint kitchen in her Umbrian home to the bustling galleys of her Los Angeles restaurants, Chef Nancy Silverton rolls up her sleeves and teaches the principles and processes behind her world-famous food. She teaches roasting, grilling and baking, and how to build flavor from the base, up. She reveals the tricks and techniques for creating delicious family meals, and dazzling dinner parties. By the end of her class, you’ll have learned not just how to cook like Nancy at home, but how to host like her, too.


James Beard Award’s Best Book of the Year winner for writing (Buttermilk Graffiti, 2019); James Beard Award’s Best Chefs in America nominee, 2011-2017; featured on PBS’s Mind of a Chef  (Season 3)


Discover the “New Southern Kitchen” as you travel to Louisville and learn how to make traditional regional dishes with Chef Lee’s explosive and innovative flavor profiles. Join Edward as he teaches you from his home kitchen, outdoor grill and backyard bonfire, and learn the fundamentals of great home cooking.  You’ll learn how to brine, ferment, smoke and deep fry your way to delectable meals full of Southern flavors.


World’s most famous butcher, eighth-generation owner of renowned Tuscany butcher shop & kitchen (Antica Macelleria Cecchini, Panzano, Italy); featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table (Season 6)

Carne Diem: The Traditions of Butchery and Meat Cookery

In Part 1 of Dario’s class, ”Dario’s Story”, you’re introduced to the world’s most famous butcher who takes you behind the butcher’s bench at his family-run shop, and reveals the craft to which he’s dedicated his entire life and spirit. In his documentary film, “Dario’s story” learn the inspiration behind his “Butcher for a Day” class, watch him carve the perfect cuts, and listen to him wax poetic about butchery, raising animals with joy and dignity, and approaching a blue collar craft with the mentality of an artist. Even though we follow him from sun-up through supper time at Antica Macelleria Cecchini, the tireless butcher insists he’s never worked a day in his life. 

In Part 2 of his class arriving 2021, Dario will deliver a range of lessons in butchery and meat cookery, inspired by eight generations of family tradition. In the meantime, whet your appetite with an exclusive batch of written recipes that accompany his documentary story.

Erez Komarovsky

“Godfather” of modern Israeli cuisine; Award-winning chef, baker and cooking school owner; Founder of Israel’s ubiquitous Lehem Erez bakery and café chain; credited for sparking Israel’s artisanal bread revolution

The Roots of Israeli Cuisine

With a home kitchen that’s exploding with pots and knives, and a garden bursting with tomatoes, artichokes, and chickens, prepare to be transported to a culinary fantasyland of Chef Erez Komarovsky’s creation, where there’s a taboon in every room.

In this flavor-packed class, Chef Komarovksy distills centuries of regional traditions and influences. He takes you on a journey from the market to the farm, from the city center to the countryside, from the past to the present. Go into Erez’s own kitchen to learn the secrets behind mouthwatering modern Israeli cuisine, from spreads and sauces like Schug, Hummus, and Tehina, to regional staples like Pita, Challah, and Falafel. Grab your mortar and pestle, stock up on garlic, lemon and chilis, and get ready to master the art of Israeli cooking at home with Chef Erez Komarovsky.

Coming next

Sean Brock

James Beard Award’s Best Chef, Southeast; Bon Appetit Magazine’s Best Restaurant in America winner (Husk, 2011); featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table (Season 6)

Southern Essentials and Explorations

Shrimp & grits, chicken & dumplings, biscuits & gravy — these are the southern recipes and traditions that Sean Brock reimagined and raised to prominence in his iconic restaurants. In his class, you’ll learn these soulful classics, while also venturing into unexpected territory. In Sean Brock’s new town of Nashville, he’s discovering new ingredients, inspirations, and insights into Southern cuisine, and he’s teaching the flavors and dishes that are driving his culinary renaissance. Known for his ever-evolving approach to both life and food, Sean is using YesChef to share the knowledge that took him a lifetime to learn!

Kwame Onwuachi

James Beard Award’s Rising Star Chef, 2019; Food & Wine Magazine’s Best New Chef, 2019; Esquire Magazine’s Chef of the Year, 2019; best-selling memoirist, Notes from a Young Black Chef

The Afro-Caribbean Kitchen

Through his food, Chef Onwuachi urges us to embrace the richness of African and Caribbean culture and cuisine that’s been lost, diluted and appropriated over the years. In this class, you’ll get a true taste of the Afro-Caribbean kitchen, his way, straight from the source. Think spicy, red jollof rice, and even more deeply flavored banga stew. Think “suya” skewers — a go-to staple of Nigerian street food — with tomato soubise dipping sauce. Think fragrant, floral Pepper Soup that warms the stomach and clears the sinuses. You’ll learn Nigeria’s version of a mother sauce, “obe ata”, a mix of aromatics that forms the base flavor of many dishes. Prepare for an immersive, flavorful joyride into the West African and Caribbean kitchen, with Kwame’s one-of-a-kind spins influenced by his Jamaican roots, his Creole-country upbringing, and his current life in the Bronx.

Pia León & Virgilio Martinez

Pia León: Winner of Best Female Chef in Latin America 2018 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List, chef behind Forbes Magazine’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Restaurants in the World (Kjolle); Highest New Entry award-winner by 50 Best (Kjolle, 2019, debuting at No. 21)

Virgilio Martínez: World’s Best Chef nominee by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List; chef behind 50 Best’s  #1 Restaurant in Latin America (Central)


Virgilio Martínez’s #1 ranked restaurant, Central, is as thoughtful as they come. Driven by a deep culinary curiosity and founded on real research, it’s known for its cerebral “ecosystem menus” and undiscovered ingredients. Meanwhile, Kjolle, the restaurant helmed by Virgilio’s wife, Pia León, takes a more instinctive approach, playing freely with Peru’s rich range of products, colors, and flavors. In this special class–  co-headlined by husband and wife– you’ll get a one-of-a-kind mind-meld between these two gastronomic geniuses. Explore the flavors, styles, and ingredients that have put Peruvian cuisine on the map, taught by Latin America’s foremost culinary experts. You’ll also get a closer look at Mater Iniciativa, the interdisciplinary research center led by Virgilio’s sister, Malena Martinez. Go on a journey with this special trio to visit their award-winning restaurants in Lima and Cusco, follow them into the Andes and the Amazon, and return to their home kitchens to learn the dishes most personal to them.


Patagonia’s open-fire cooking icon, James Beard award-winning author (Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way, 2010); nine-time restaurant owner; featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table (Season 1)


Given his singular style, many view Chef Francis Mallmann’s cooking as something akin to performance art, unachievable by the average home cook. In this class, Chef Mallmann sheds light on the core tools and principles that govern his culinary universe, inviting you to capture a piece of his dream world in your own kitchen. Pots, pans and iron prove integral, so start seasoning your skillet. Salt & pepper, lemon & vinegar, and butter & olive oil serve as the basis for all flavor.  And of course, friends, family, lovers and the open air feed the soul of his entire operation. Join Chef Mallmann at the edge of uncertainty, where seasoning with your fingertips, measuring with your eyes, and cooking with a heart full of optimism are all essential practices.

Narda Lepes

Chef and owner of Narda Comedor in Buenos Aires, Argentina; a former judge on MasterChef Argentina, published author of three best-selling books, most recently Ñam Ñam, a guide to teach children how to eat healthier.


When Narda Lepes opened her plant-centric restaurant, Comedor, in the middle of the meat lover’s paradise of Buenos Aires, many Argentine traditionalists scratched their heads. But one by one, Narda won them over with her common sense approach to cooking, one that puts flavor at the forefront and lets seasonality and sustainability steal the show.  In this class, learn to let intuition, rather than tradition, be your guide to cooking and nutrition. Narda teaches simple ideas and principles that will let you find freedom in the kitchen, while showing you the ingredients, techniques and producers that make up Argentina’s culinary culture. This is not a vegetarian or vegan class, it’s a celebration of the plant kingdom, seen through the eyes of an Argentine omnivore.

Nina Compton

Chef Nina Compton (Compère Lapin and Bywater American Bistro) was honored with the “Best New Chef” award in Food & Wine magazine In 2018, and won the James Beard Foundation award for “Best Chef: South” in the same year. Compère Lapin was named one of the “Best Restaurants in America” in 2017 and 2018 by Eater and one of “The 40 Most Important Restaurants of the Past 40 Years” by Food & Wine Magazine.

Where Caribbean Meets Creole: A Deep Dive into NOLA

Nina Compton believes delicious meals aren’t about trends, shock value, or opulence – they’re about moments, memories and those who surround you at your table. In this class, she combines her deep knowledge, her classical training and her warmth of spirit to teach you all the insights behind the simple yet sophisticated cuisine that’s won her countless accolades. 

Join her on a journey through the culinary capital of New Orleans, and back to her Carribean roots of St. Lucia to explore the depth and breadth of Creole cuisine. Emerge with a command over flavor and a deep understanding of the traditions that inform Nola’s fascinating and complex corner of the culinary universe.

Coming to YESCHEF



YESCHEF classes are taught by the world’s top talents. Our chef teachers have mastered their disciplines, pushed their cuisines forward, and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with home cooks everywhere.




Each class kicks off with a full-length documentary story that paints a picture of the chef’s contemporary life and gives you a deep sense of who and what is inspiring them, today. With stunning cinematography, original scoring and intimate conversations with loved ones, YESCHEF documentaries take you on a cinematic journey into their world.




Following the documentary, you’ll head into the chefs’ home kitchens and learn their favorite recipes, flavors, techniques and secrets. With 10+ in-kitchen lessons with each chef, you’ll walk away with their greatest hits.

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From there, the learning continues through ±12 hands-on lessons teaching the dishes that are most personal to each chef, the skills, techniques and concepts that took them a lifetime to acquire.


Each video is accompanied by its short-hand recipes, ingredients list, step-by-step real-time instructions and subtitles.

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