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Discover and learn the recipes, techniques, and secrets of the world’s best chefs
Wow your loved ones tonight with the food of the world’s greatest chefs, made by you.
Get instant access to all YesChef classes now
Get instant access to all YesChef classes now

We're here to help you make everything delicious

Get inspired

Travel the world from home to discover the stories of each chef, their food, and their home country.

Learn from the best

Gain the culinary knowledge, techniques and secrets of the world's most meaningful chefs.

Cook delicious

Share your love through food, with hundreds of dishes and flavors from around the world.


Jonathan M - Kyoto

"Everything I've made turned out magnificently!"

The walk throughs by each chef and the step by step instructions are super helpful, and the food - wow!

- Jonathan M.
Sebastian O - Bilbao

"The chefs are amazing!"

They teach with love and they made everything looks so easy to do. I love the techniques and the little tips each one of them share during their classes.

- Sebastian O.
Gordon M - Phuket

"YesChef brings cooking to life!"

With stories about the country and the people, it provides depth to your cooking experience. It really connects you to the food you are preparing.

- Gordon M.
Rima S - Washington DC

"An invaluable confidence booster."

The content is extremely well presented, of high quality and easy to follow. YesChef is now one of my go to resources for learning, inspiration and happiness.

- Rima S.
Bernadette W - Rockville

"Improved my culinary skills with YesChef."

This is a high quality source if you want to really dive into techniques of cooking, and discover new and creative recipes. I highly recommend it!

- Bernadette W.
Guy R - Chicago

"YesChef changed the way I cook!"

Inspiring and wonderful content and recipes, I'm learning so much from watching those amazing chefs cook their food.

- Guy R.
Prairie R - Dallas

"I absolutely love YesChef!"

The layout of the classes, with story first and then recipes, is really engaging and fun. No boring flavors here!

- Prairie R.
Lawrence E - Alexandria

"Beautiful stories, gorgeously filmed."

Mesmerizing and captivating, teaching in a deep and thoughtful way. Far more than just recipes! This is Art. I’m so glad I joined YesChef.

- Lawrence E.
Valentin H - New York

"My wife and I have done some dishes twice already!"

The classes are so much fun and lots to learn - it’s an easy home cooking learning experience and the recipes are so delicious.

- Valentin H.
Michelle P - New York

"I love YesChef!"

As an ambitious home cook, I love making restaurant quality meals for my family and friends to enjoy.

- Michelle P.
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