Teaches her


5+ hours  ●  13 lessons  ●  33 recipes
Join Asma on a culinary journey to Kolkata, India and explore her favorite Indian dishes and Bengali flavors.
Join thousands of students who have already taken this class
On Your Time
Follow along and learn at your own pace. Watch when and as often as you like. Stream anywhere, anytime, from any device.
Make It Delicious
Discover the secrets to making the world's most delicious food at home. Access exclusive recipes, each broken down into digestible lessons.
Go on Journeys
Go on culinary adventures with the world’s greatest chefs, and learn about the culture, history and personal story behind their food, before getting cooking.
For Everyone
Made for all skill levels.
Every chef teaches a lifetime of knowledge, signature dishes, and techniques that will elevate your cooking.
Travel to India and discover a lifetime of recipe secrets

Bring Asma’s flavors home and learn the cooking techniques and dishes that have been in her family for generations.


Stream over 5 hours of video, including a documentary that follows Asma through her home town of Kolkata to uncover her roots and influences, alongside 12 lessons that immerse you in her food.


Learn how to cook the best Indian food from the chef/owner of award winning restaurant Darjeeling Express. Master the foundations of her Kolkata cuisine and the building blocks of its flavors.


Become a better cook. Get into the kitchen with a whole new repertoire of dishes that will elevate your cooking to new heights. Recreate over 30 incredible Indian recipes at home and transform how you view spice and flavor.

transform how you cook
Get Inspired By Spices

Learn all about masalas and how to make Asma’s secret spice blends and curries.

Balancing Flavor Profiles
Asma will teach you how to balance many complex flavor profiles in simple and approachable ways. They are the type of skills that will help guide your journey as a cook.
Creating Your Own Spice Blends
Learn all about masalas and how to make some of Asma’s secret spice blends. Be inspired to create your own blends – and to tell your own unique stories through these flavors.
Making Restaurant-Quality Curries At Home
Make the most delectable curries at home. Whether it's with meat, chicken, seafood, or vegetables, your curry will be the talk of the town.
The Essentials of Indian and Bengali Cuisine
Asma breaks down the fundamentals of Indian cuisine. She teaches her family’s secret recipes that are so good, you'll want to learn them by heart.
Making the Perfect White Rice
Never make mushy rice again. There’s an art to cooking rice, and Asma reveals the methods that will help you make it perfect every time.
Recipe Inspiration
Develop a wide arsenal of recipes that will get you cooking any meal of the day, any time of the year. Follow these suggestions to a T, or modify them to make them your own.
Learn the technique that is the ultimate way to layer flavors, blow minds, and make tongues dance.
Comfort and Confidence in Your Home Kitchen
Asma didn't learn how to cook until she was married with children. Gain a new sense of freedom and confidence in your own kitchen, empowering you to cook without fear.
Developing Your Unique Cooking Style
Improvise intuitively and gain the courage to develop your own culinary style and identity.
Nourishing Loved Ones
Nourish yourself and wholesomely feed the people you love. Asma teaches the importance of cooking with appreciation and joy.
Cooking Fundamentals
Master one of life’s greatest pleasures and become not only a good cook, but a great one.
All Levels Welcome
Asma teaches over 25 recipes for cooks of all skill levels. She makes it easy for you to follow them step-by-step and to find success. No matter how much culinary experience you have, Asma will help you make the kitchen your playground!
Spice Personalities
Learn how to analyze different spice personalities and to identify when and where their flavors change.
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