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What is YesChef?

YesChef is an immersive online experience offering cooking classes taught by the world’s best chefs, to let anyone become a chef at home. The masters of each cuisine take you on a journey to discover their home town, restaurant and home kitchen, and share and teach the foods, knowledge and techniques most personal to them. Each class is designed to distill the skills it has taken these chefs a lifetime to acquire, so that you can follow along as each chef teaches you hands-on how to cook like them in your own home kitchen, to make incredible, delicious and sustainable food for your family and friends.

YesChef is coming soon, and will be available on web and mobile with an unlimited access subscription.

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What's included in a YesChef subscription?

  • All exclusive cooking classes by the world's greatest chefs
  • Unlimited access to all classes, and an ever-growing library
    new classes will be added every two months
  • Each class is ~4 hours long, divided into 20 bite-size video lessons
  • Learn at your own pace, when you want - on desktop and mobile
  • Instant grocery shopping: One-click ordering for all recipes and equipment, with partners at AmazonFresh, Whole Foods and more.
  • Create incredible food at home with restaurant-like dishes
  • Discover the secrets, tips and cuisines of each celebrated chef
  • Learn exclusive recipes, techniques and skills, and become a chef at home
  • Follow along step-by-step with a guided cooking companion. Each lesson is broken down by prep, cooking and plating
  • Much more: Upload videos to ask questions to the chefs and community, track your progress and learn how to cook extraordinary food at home, from appetizers to desserts, using ordinary ingredients

What will I learn in each class?

Our classes are immersive, interactive learning experiences - way more than just recipes. Discover the best food in the world, as taught by the best chefs in the world. Our immersive classes distill and impart the knowledge, skills and cuisines it has taken these chefs years to master, so that you can learn how to cook - the fundamentals, principles and techniques of cooking - and make world-class food at home, as taught by the masters of modern gastronomy. 

Which chefs are teaching on YesChef?

We're collaborating with some of the best chefs in the world, to develop immersive classes with each one, where they share their personal stories and teach hands-on in their own home kitchens. We can’t reveal which chefs just yet, but we do mean the best. We are very excited to bring you exclusive video lessons that will let you travel the globe on a journey to discover the stories, cuisines and passions of the world's best chefs, and learn how to cook and prepare the best food from around the world, at home.

We can't say much more, yet. But, preregister now for updates, and get invited for Early Access to the YesChef beta.

How long do subscriptions last?

You can do a monthly or annual subscription and cancel anytime. Our annual and lifetime subscriptions come with a 15 day guarantee.

Why are you building YesChef?

Our belief is that the world's best chefs are master teachers of gastronomy. We want these chefs to teach us how to be amazing chefs in our own home kitchens. Not fancy food, but just great food anyone can learn how to make, and that represents the modern culinary landscape.

Chefs have dedicated their lives to becoming the best in the world, running the most esteemed restaurants in the world, teaching their kitchen teams and representing a wide variety of cuisines, cultures and countries. But they have another side - the home cook. On YesChef, you can learn the secrets that have taken them a lifetime to develop; the fundamentals and a deep understanding of how to cook taught through their favourite home cooking.

How will I experience YesChef?

We're building a next-generation food and home cooking experience, with a digital subscription service offering access to an ever-growing library of exclusive home cooking classes taught by the world's best chefs, accessible anywhere you have internet, on any device - your phone, tablet, PC and even TV.  Each class is an interactive, immersive experience that takes you on a journey to discover the chef, their home town, restaurant and the food that is most personal to them.

How is this different from other online cooking content?

We think it's time for a premium experience for home cooking, and are on a mission to create classes that open your mind, expand your taste buds and broaden your gastronomic knowledge. We're going to travel the world, to capture the stories, teachings and lessons of the best chefs, in every corner of the globe. 

How much will YesChef cost?

YesChef will be available as an unlimited access subscription, which will let you watch all of our classes, and discover an ever-growing library of diverse and international cuisines as we will release new classes all the time.We haven't announced pricing just yet, but our goal is to make pricing very reasonably, as we want everyone with an internet connection to be able to learn from the world’s best chefs.

Can I give YesChef as a gift?

Absolutely. Preregister now to give YesChef as a gift here and we’ll notify you when it’s time to actually pay and send your YesChef gift subscription.

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When will YesChef be available?

We're still busy developing our first classes, and will be launching in the coming months.

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How can I submit a question, idea or request?

We're all ears. Shoot us an email, or click the message icon on the bottom right corner to start a conversation with us. You can also follow and DM us on Instagram or Facebook, too!



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