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From Edward's Class
Discover exclusive video lessons from Edward Lee's YesChef class.

Travel to Kentucky and feed your knowledge of Southern cuisine

Bring Edward’s unique flavor profiles home as you make delectable meals for your loved ones. Learn how to make signature dishes like Fried Chicken with Gochujang Sauce and Oysters and Grits.

Get to know Edward

Stream 5 hours of video, including a documentary that takes you to Kentucky where you’ll discover Edward’s roots and inspirations, alongside 12 bite-sized lessons that immerse you in his food.

Learn his secrets

Learn the recipes, practical techniques, and secrets from the James Beard Award-winning chef in his first-ever hands-on online class. Master the foundations of cooking and the building blocks of flavor and cuisine.

Cook his food

Become a better cook. Get into the kitchen with a whole new repertoire of dishes that will elevate your cooking to new heights. Recreate over 30 incredible Korean-American recipes to make your family happy.

What students are loving

"I am a professional chef and am getting much out of this! Every one of these lessons is a joy to behold! I have encouraged my sister and daughter to sign up. For foodies, this is pretty much food porn! But seriously, these are first-rate classes/demos and you will have learned much in the process. Thank you so much for doing this!"

Deborah R.

"I love the way he cooks he puts so much love and creativity into it. I enjoyed it and want to apply more zest to my cooking."

Amy R.

"The succulent flavor of the fish combined with the vegetables and hollandaise was worth the while. Skills tied to the lesson were essential to any kitchen; create a marinade, use a basket steamer, and prepare à la minute sauce. I feel better now."

Amos M.

"I'm a realtor and we do a yearly BBQ for our clients. Can't wait to try the Banana Mop Sauce!"

Kathy M.

"I always wanted to know how to make kimchi and this makes it seem so easy interesting and flexible with vegetable choices."

Wendy A.

"I've owned these baskets for years, and now I understand how to use them. thank you for the elegant simplicity of your teaching technique. both the steamed fish and the kimchi feel achievable, with your guidance."

Helen G.

"The presentation was both easy to follow and entertaining. Once the chicken was plated with the pear slaw I couldn't help but smile. I will put the ingredients (including the gochujang) on my grocery list."

Amos M.


Synthi S.

"First time I’ve ever had success frying chicken. Thank you chef xx"

Vivienne P.

"Both inspirational and entertaining. Made me want to go out and buy some quality steaks, chicken, and bacon and get started."

Amos M.

"Love it! Can we have the step by step for the Pickle too? Sounds yum!!"

Carmen W.

"Wonderful! So inspiring! Love watching these documentaries :) Make more!"

Julie C.

"Thank you, I'll never buy store-bought again, delicious thank you... making in small batches much easier to use for a variety of dishes?."

Di Y.

"I enjoyed seeing how a simple tasty meal came together, I could almost taste it at the end - well done to all."

Charmaine .

"Great class. Takes out all the fear of fermentating. The discussion on "playing with your food" is spot on."

Carmen W.

"I am already at the store buying these ingredients! So happy with YESCHEF. Love the format as it inspires me to try new recipes!!"

Suzanne A.

"Awesome. The trick with the egg carton to keep the crust on the chicken is great. I always wondered why the crust wouldn’t hold. Thank you, chef."

Katrin .

"Very beautiful and touching, a very humble chef. May God always bless him and his family."

Parvin .

"So wonderful! Thank you. Steak has always been hard for me to gauge as well. Glad I’m not alone. Agree so much about more ethical treatment of animals we use for food. Less steroids, less antibiotics. Thank you again! Going to try Chimichurri!"

Marylin A.

"I enjoyed the 1st video & love how creative the chief is. I would never think of a BBQ sauce using bananas. I'm not sure if it's the video or my internet but it kept freezing, I jumped it forward then it was ok. Overall a good watch, thank you."

Charmaine .

"This is a great story. I enjoyed learning about Kentucky and Chef Lee's amazing journey."

Yamilet S.

"Very interesting. I especially liked the approach that the cooking begins way before you buy your ingredients - on farms and fields! Beautiful pictures."

Katrin .

"I am so looking forward to making this meal. The egg yolk sauce is a valuable addition to my recipe book. You have inspired me."

Velvet B.

"Had fried bologna as kid. I’ll be trying this one. Really learned about the char, and when burn is essential and what to watch for in your product"

Celeste D
Celeste D.

"I loved the way he was just making a meal. Not really doing anything cheffy. Just making supper. Really Cool."

Jim H.

"Great in-depth documentary which I suspect will lend more meaning to the classes that follow."

Daniel D.

"Amazing peanut butter, although my ended much darker since I pushed the peanut a little further during roasting. Super savery."

Nicholas S.

"Chef Lee, this is a fantastic dish. Being from the south on the Gulf Coast and now living in Seoul, I genuinely love Korean and Southern fusion. KC."

Keith C.

"Comforting recipe. Not too difficult to make. Tradition meets modernity in use of ingredients."

Belinda K.

"Enjoyed Chef Lee, his wife, family & friends… food brings us together. I will be making the steamed fish dish this weekend.,. So inspiring!"

Deeann V.

"Great… loved this… love the fresh. approach to the food. Loved the lesson on KimchI and fermentation Its took the fear away- I will definitely vibe trying y own kimchi…. Jill B"

Jill B.

"This banana sauce was very interesting. Definitely going to try it. I love serving quail, and learning new ways to prepare it. A little elegance."

Stephen E.

"So very informative. Learned so many new things. Appreciated my first class."

Vicki H.

"This looked delicious and simple, I loved the tips about getting everything out before starting the sauce., cant wait to try it."

Trish S.

"This dish was flat out amazing! It was unique, and out of the ordinary.I love the combination of tradition and uniqueness of the dishes."

Rebecca R.

"I love the concept of this dish. It's simplicity. The only thing missing is trying it for myself and, of course, tasting it!"

Stephen E.

"A real great recipe. Easy to make and the taste is amazing. I love KimchI and I was always afraid to make it by myself but now I won't stop to ferment."

Lena K.

"Really great descriptions of texture and technique. Very helpful compared to just following ingredients in a recipe."

John C.

"I love how Chef Lee presents his fried chicken lesson calmly, in slow pace, so no details are missed. Also, he pays attention to safety in frying and not rushing through the steps! Very enjoyable to watch and learn!"

Katalin M.

"It all looked wonderful...Just challenging enough, delicious.. Loved the cultural connections with Soul food and Korean flavors..."

Cathy B.

"This will be great to make sauces for noodles! I used to take a jar of PB and add curry powder to it. I can't wait to try this recipe using peanuts with the shichimI togarashi!"

Marion R.

"What stands out for me was how they were experimenting with burning different foods, tasting and giving their thoughts. Thanks!"

Jeanne T.

"Thank you for showing us that it’s ok to not be perfect, and for showing us that even the best chefs in the world sometimes will not cook to perfection. I love that chef is STILL exploring and pushing, and you showed us that. Very motivating. Thank you"

Eric S
Eric S.

"The chef makes shucking oysters look easy. I loved the tutorial and my first batch of grits after watching were so much better than before."

Kay B.

"Looks lovely, can get the name of the Japanese ingredient he added, I didnt catch it, and also were would I buy it? I enjoyed watching him make the peanut butter. Thank you."

Eve D.

"I absolutely love the flavours that come together in this recipe. I will definitely make this again as it is now a family favourite! Thank,you ?"

Dianne B.

"Absolutely...looks stunning dish...I love the idea of ham salt ? it will kick the flavor in a different level...."

Deepak A.

"Thank you for this! I’m excited to try it. Fermenting and bone broth are the crafts I wish to educate myself on!"

Linda C.

"Don’t you find that others’ cooking almost always tastes better than your own? Thank you for sharing your experience."

Tonia C.

"Such an amazing story. I am excited to make the compound butter! My husband is from Lexington, and connections in the organic beef industry and the Louisville area. Very cool. Love his approach."

Kate C.

"It is a pleasure to meet the Chefs, in this type of way, showing their Food, Communities and Families.Thanks!"

Deborah P.

"Just made this for my family. The Kalbi butter was fantastic. Grilled the lemon and lightly drizzled over meat and veggies. Perfect BBQ meal."

Gill M.

"This was a easy lesson to follow and prepare three wonderful foods, so looking forward to giving this a go. Thank you."

Debra C.

"This was beautiful! So many layers of Flavor and still a super healthy dish."

Luis B.

"Wow... I cannot wait to make this. Since I am Greek would feta cheese be a good add-on?"

Mary K.

"I Thought Edwards's last commentary nailed it.'The more you cook, the better you get at it, trust your palate'."

Rafah S.

"I've made this several times, always delicious! I've also sought out Carolina Gold rice, and am loving it. Thank you!"


"Very interesting story and journey. I am excited and motivated to learn to see where this journey takes me. I am confident even with future culinary failures, I will enjoy the ride."

Timm P.

"This was my first experience with YesChef. What an incredible experience it was! I already feel like I got my money's worth for subscribing to YesChef!"

Don M.

"Thank you Chef.I love you going out into the farmer's field and talking about the importance of collaboration between farms/homes/restaurants - and using all parts of the veggies."

Sharon B.

"Excellent!! We don't get bologna in the uk but there are other things I can use, it was really about technique for me & has lots of techniques & tips I can use"

Lynne P.

"Looks very achievable.I like the little tips he gives along the way. E.g. the knuckle method of cutting. slicing the cabbage to make it more pliable etc.Thanks!"

Peter L.

"Looks amazing. Do you think you could do this in an air fryer? If so, which setting / temp / time, etc.?"

Justin M.

"I am excited to try this. I will try the ham salt in my dehydrator. I expect it will work in the same way."

Julianne V.

"I Love Chef Lee’s story. I Love his passions and how he talks about what he is doing. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes."

Eric H.

"Great looking dish with ingredients I adore! Will definitely make this. Excellent detail on flavoring and also about washing rice."

Susan M.

"Oh god yes!!! This check all of the boxes for something unique and fun to make.....all of it!!"

Donna F.

"Miso and peanut butter great combo and easy prep! Love this paring!! Super yummy and easy anytime! Will try as a marinade for grilling!"

Michele R.

"Now after watching this segment, not only can I make at home easily but will also make a savory one."

Celeste D
Celeste D.

"This may be my favorite lesson from Chef Lee. What a wonderful illustration of a core technique that is so characteristic to his cooking. Can't wait to try this recipe."

Christian R.

"What a beautiful approach to a simple, comfort dish.The Asian Pear and Cabbage slaw is a lovely companion. Bravo!"

Julianne W.

"Inspirational and possibly one of the most useful condiments I’ve made from scratch. Dying to try a sweeter hazelnut Version.Thank you Chef!"

Christian R.

"Great footage- beautiful shots of scenery, fire, food & people- but also is has heart- and is not only moving, but inspiring. Thank you!"

Margaret S.

"I LOVED watching this... My youngest daughter really likes Kim hi... I'm excited to try making this. I really like the message... Get back to touching our food!"

Noelle S.

"Loved the simple way you explained the dish and the simplicity of the food. I am so excited to be taking these classes.Thank you!"

Virginia F.

"Communal bliss is a human necessity, and sharing through food is as basic a sign of love as you can get."

Chuck E.

"Had a go at this recipe although I did not have all the ingredients available I improvised and still tasted awesome, a keeper for sure, thanks!"

Fernando E.

"I love the tip about the egg carton. Those are the tips and tricks the home chef needs to succeed."

Quinn L.

"This is perfect for summertime. Chef Lee has some great tips on how to bring out the flavor in meat and vegetables that are super helpful. I absolutely love cooking like this and I can't wait to make the galbI compound butter :)."

Jade H.

"This is a great video and really captures the essence of a backyard Q. I would have liked the recipe for the banana mustard sauce. The idea of that is going to haunt my dreams."

Lisa H.

"Love the idea of kalbI compound butter on steak! I'll be sure to try it next time I grill."

Donna B.

"An excellent class!!! I’ve learned so much! From how to use lemongrass, how to chop, how to use cabbage leaves for steaming and much much more. Thanks!"

Chava S.

"Looks so delicious I will have to make it. Love Chef's techniques. Thank you."

Kim B.

"I really enjoyed watching his knife techniques and how he showed using his knuckles to guide the knife. It was fun watching him cook with an apprentice."

Darla W.

"I learned a lot about how to make a good meat and bone stock. And the preparation of Ham salt was fascinating and creative! Thank you!"

Katalin M.

"A super “chefy” version of a fried Bologna sandwich. Looks beyond amazing. A simple idea was raised.."

Lisa H.

"Easy to follow directions, fun and love learning Chef’s techniques. Made the whole meal and everything was delicious and fun!"

Elizabeth S.

"Another wow from him! His knowledge of Southern food, real southern food, his creativity, his relaxed professionalism combine for a terrific video! Cannot wait to make this dish!"

Susan M.

"Well done! Good explanations, good class quality, mouth watering and perfect for the home cook!"

Nicolas F
Nicolas F.

"I loved this episode! It’s nice to cook and eat gourmet food, but it’s also great to see everyone come together & enjoy a great meal. I would be very interested in seeing some more episodes about cooking BBQ! Especially, during the summer time. Chef Ben was great! Awesome episode!"

George H
George H.

"Another great example of why this is so different from any other online culinary offering, Chef Lee highlights technique as much as an actual recipe.Thanks!"

Christian R.

"OK filled with totally fascinating tips, ham salt, green apple and ginger garnish. Then the attention to presentation. Really well scripted and the photography is beautiful."

Janice S.

"Thanks for the recipe it's great. Just finished cooking and it’s so delicious and delicate the sauce is flavorful and velvety and the chicken moist and delicious ??"

Natasha S.

"Love all the tips he gives regarding the recipe. He makes it look so easy!"

Kristine B.

"Recipe looked very good and some great technical information.. Ed is just fun to watch and very informative. He was great working with his young protege. Nicely done."

George J.

"Cooked this Peanut Butter braised chicken today. YUMMY!. I can't plate to save my life but it was so delicious. Thank you Chef Lee."

Margarida C.

"I love all the ingredients you use, that's why everything you cook looks so delicious."

Patricia V.

"I too love fried bologna! Deep brown /burnt are always the favorite bits in any pan."

Ann K.

"Love the history and background of the chef and the community. I can feel the love of food watching this and I am excited to start cooking"

Susan L.

"Very inspiring and entertaining - as an artist, I really connected to the creativity of making food."

Cathy B.
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Learn how to combine diverse flavor profiles into something totally unique and delicious.

Balancing Flavor Profiles
Learn how to balance complex flavor profiles. These are the types of skills that will guide you through your life as a cook.
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Be in control in your kitchen, and don't let the kitchen control you.
Making Restaurant-Quality Dishes At Home
Forget ordering takeaway and make the most delectable dishes at home. Your fried chicken will be the talk of the town!
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Edward uncovers incredible Southern and Korean flavor combinations.
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Get instant access to all YesChef classes now
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Edward’s class

Take a journey with James Beard Award winning chef Edward Lee as he takes you into his home kitchen and teaches you his Korean flavors with a Southern twist. Bring Edward’s unique flavor profiles home as you make delectable meals for your loved ones, including dishes like Fried Chicken with Gochujang Sauce & Slaw, Cabbage Steamed Fish, Kohlrabi Kimchi, Savory Peanut Butter, and Steak with Kalbi Butter. Edward’s class is an exclusive video experience with more than 5 hours of original content, including an in-depth documentary about his life and 12 in-kitchen lessons in which he teaches over 30 original recipes and techniques.

Video Preview
Class Sample
Video Preview
Edward’s lesson plan

Chef Edward Lee refuses to be defined by his heritage, culture, or geography. Born Korean, raised in Brooklyn, living in Louisville, Kentucky - Chef Lee is more than the sum of his parts. Discover the city, people, and places that make chef Lee tick, and have inspired his new cuisine that goes beyond any boundaries.

Learn how to make classic shallow-fried chicken with Edward's Korean-inspired gochujang sauce, and a side of tangy and bright Asian pear slaw. Get the best tips for achieving crispy chicken skin and juicy interiors. Master the art of shallow-frying chicken with Edward's easy-to-follow recipe.

Learn how to make a nutritious and delicious meal for any night of the week with Edward's easy-to-follow tutorial. Master the art of steaming fish, mixing marinades, blanching and shocking cabbage, chopping vegetables, and creating a miso Hollandaise sauce. Get all the essential skills you need to make a restaurant-quality meal in your own kitchen.

Learn how to create a flavorful, luscious silken tofu dish with a fatty broth, braised daikon, and an apple-ginger purée. Master knife skills and learn how to cut radishes into perfect cubes and matchsticks with Edward's guidance. Plate an elegant dish that will impress your dinner guests.

Edward shows how to make kimchi from kohlrabi, a dense vegetable that holds up well when fermented. Beyond the kohlrabi, expect the usual kimchi suspects like Korean chili flakes, scallions, garlic, and ginger to tantalize the taste buds.

Edward teaches how to utilize one of his signature flavors: Burnt. Discover the gentle balance of burning without charring, as you learn how to master the Maillard reaction and release deliciousness from the simplest ingredients.

Learn the basics of making savory, creamy peanut butter. His method involves roasting peanuts and blending them with Asian ingredients like sesame oil for an umami-tasting butter that is perfect to use in cooking and not just spreading on toast.

Braise poultry and simmer coconut rice in a flavorful miso and peanut mixture and you’ll have a warming, family-style dish. Learn how to to build flavor through caramelization and the secret to preparing perfect rice.

Edward revisits the Southern classic dish of shrimp and grits with his own unique take that combines his love of bourbon and oysters.

Want to cook steaks better on the grill? Watch this lesson. Edward explains how to check for doneness, manipulate the fire and accomplish a smoky taste.

Learn how to make quail with perfect cross-hatched char marks, simmer homemade barbecue sauce with surprising ingredients, and prepare homemade quick pickles. Edward’s grilling techniques can be applied to other proteins.

Join Edward and Ben, home chef and community leader, as they throw a backyard barbecue. Learn Ben's special brine, and how to grill meats and vegetables.

Edward explores the complexity of watermelon with this whimsical salad. Simple techniques like stove-popping buttery popcorn, boiling and frying peanuts, and creating a crunchy Brûlée top make up this surprising plate.

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meet your teacher
Edward Lee

Edward Lee is an accomplished chef, author, TV personality, and owner of 610 Magnolia, the acclaimed Louisville restaurant. A Korean-American born in Brooklyn, Edward’s fascination with food was sparked in part by his grandmother, who made traditional Korean dishes. Edward began cooking professionally at age 22 and worked in kitchens in New York City, but a trip to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby in 2001 would change his life. He became enamored with Southern cuisine and the city of Louisville, and he moved there shortly after.

Edward won the James Beard Award for Best Book of the Year in Writing and he has been a finalist many times in the category of Best Chef: Southeast. He hosted the Emmy Award nominated TV series, “The Mind of a Chef, and was a finalist on Bravo’s Top Chef. Through the LEE Initiative, his non-profit organization, Edward aims to promote diversity, equality, and jobs in the restaurant industry.

Discover Edward Lee’s dishes, secret tips, and favorite recipes.

Learn how to cook the foods that made Edward the chef he is today. Make Edward’s favorite recipes in your own home kitchen. You’ll leave Edward’s class inspired and with a whole new set of culinary skills.

Video Preview
Video Preview
Edward's Story
Documentary | Inspirational | Louisville, Kentucky
Edward Lee’s Documentary Film
53 min

Chef Edward Lee refuses to be defined by his heritage, culture, or geography. Born Korean, raised in Brooklyn, living in Louisville, Kentucky - Chef Lee is more than the sum of his parts. Discover the city, people, and places that make chef Lee tick, and have inspired his new cuisine that goes beyond any boundaries.

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