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Join Francis on a culinary journey to explore his Argentine cuisine and open-fire cooking.

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Join thousands of students who have already taken this class
Travel to Patagonia, Argentina with Latin America's most influential chef

Bring Francis’s flavors home and learn a lifetime of signature recipes, tricks, and grilling techniques.

Get to know Francis

Stream over 6.5 hours of video, including an inspiring documentary about Francis on his island in Patagonia, Argentina to uncover his food, story, and passions, with 28 bite-sized lessons that immerse you in his food.

Learn his secrets

From cooking over an open flame to classic French technique, learn from one of South America’s most influential chefs in his first-ever online class.

Cook his food

Become a better cook. Get into the kitchen with a whole new repertoire of dishes that will elevate your cooking to new heights. Recreate over 50 incredible recipes that made Francis the chef he is today.

transform how you cook
The Fundamentals of Grilling

Learn core techniques and principles of Francis’s primal live-fire cookery, all of which can be recreated at home.

Master Open-Fire Cooking
The King of Fires teaches all of his open-fire cooking secrets.
How To Become A Grill Expert
Learn how to master the grill. These skills will guide you through your life as a cook.
Cooking Fundamentals
Learn how to master one of life’s greatest pleasures and become not only a good cook, but a great one.
All Levels Welcome
Francis teaches over 40 recipes for all levels of cooks, step-by-step, and easy to follow.
The Essentials of Argentine Cuisine
Francis uncovers the fundamentals of his Argentine food. He teaches the secrets of how to make his recipes delicious.
Seven Fires Grilling
Famed for his rustic seven fires grilling, he will give you an insider's insight into the inspiration and drive behind his entire career.
Make Restaurant-Quality Dishes At Home
Whether it's with meat, seafood, fish, legumes, or vegetables, you'll make fantastic restaurant-quality foods for your family.
Balancing Flavor Profiles
Learn how to balance all types of complex flavor profiles in a simple and approachable way.
Cook with Joy and Intuition
Cooking isn't only a skill, it’s a mindset, and Francis will help you get there.
Recipe Inspiration
Francis will teach you recipes that will get you cooking any meal of the day, any time of the year. Follow his recipes to a T, or modify them to make them your own.
Comfort and Confidence At Home
Francis’s cooking philosophy will help you gain a new sense of freedom and confidence in your own kitchen, empowering you to cook without fear.
Developing Your Cooking Style
Acquire the knowledge to become a better cook, from intuitive improvisation to developing your own culinary style.
Nourishing Loved Ones
Nourish yourself and of wholesomely feed the people you love. Not only does Francis teach his food, he shows the importance of cooking with appreciation and joy.
Wow your loved ones tonight with the food of the world’s greatest chefs, made by you.
Get instant access to all YesChef classes now
Get instant access to all YesChef classes now
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Francis’s class

Take a journey with Francis Mallmann, one of Latin America’s most influential chefs, as he takes you to the Patagonian wild. From his classical French training to his deep Argentine roots, Francis teaches his distinctive cooking methods that has taken him a lifetime to master. Learn his signature “Seven Fires” grilling style, including how to build and tend to the fire, and how to recreate all of the recipes using a standard stove and oven. Unlock the secrets of making his iconic dishes at home including Roasted Chicken, Empanadas, The Perfect Steak, and Sunday Asado barbecue.

Class Sample
Browse Francis’s Recipes

“Asado on Sundays is more like a ceremony than a meal. Asado is a religion in our country.” - @Francismallmann.  It’s Sunday on the island and Francis and his team are preparing for a barbecue feast: Chorizos, steaks, ribs, sweetbreads, salads, and free-flowing red Argentine wine abound the table.  In this short documentary, Francis takes you into his Patagonian world to see the true meaning of this sacred ritual that defines Argentine culture. Francis shows you how to grill, make all the barbecue sides and sauces, and most of course, the importance of being in good company.

Francis doesn’t like salads that are busy and cramped on a plate. Instead, he leans towards the generosity of space. Learn how to make one of Francis’s favorite salads that he calls simple yet noble.

Chorizos sausage are an essential part of the Argentine asado experience. They are best when charred directly over the flame, and can be cooked whole or butterflied. Don’t forget to douse them in chimichurri and salsa criolla.

Grill a rack of ribs the Argentine way: crucified on an iron cross and slowly cooked over open flames.

Flank steak is an essential cut on any Argentine grill.

This cut is most similar to short ribs. Ask your butcher to cut it flanken style in one long, thin strip cut crosswise against the bone. Ribs are cooked slowly on low flame until they achieve a crispy outer layer and slight chewiness, but still tender insides.

The caviar of the grill. Sweetbreads are grilled low and slow until the texture becomes crunchy on the outside and tender within. To serve: Douse in lemon juice and sprinkle with salt.

Prepare an easy brine to ensure the juiciest chicken, which you ladle over as the bird roasts.

Whether you’re hanging the chickens over the open-fire like Francis, or roasting it in your own home oven, you’ll learn how to make this festive and comforting dish that is ideal for the holidays or any special occasion.

Join Francis in his quincho, the outdoor kitchen, as he teaches two of his seven live-fire signature cooking techniques: hanging and slowly roasting pineapple and cabbage over hot embers. Don’t have a vertical grill? No problem. He’ll teach how to cook it in the oven, too.

A great vegetarian side that will have everyone wanting more. Learn about the rescoldo method of cooking, burning vegetables in ashes.

Learn to make a wonderfully versatile vinaigrette dressing that you’ll want to put on everything.

"In Argentina, there’s a saying: “Quien sabe comer una empanada nunca ensucia el plato,"" which means, ""Those who know how to eat empanadas will never dirty the plate."" Francis agrees and explains that if you are invited into someone’s home to eat empanadas, and if anything falls on your plate, you’re never invited again. “Not a drop of empanada should be lost because it’s so delicious,” he proclaims. The empanada, a pastry similar to a hand pie or turnover, is probably Argentina’s most emblematic snack. It’s a local tradition that is typically stuffed with meat or cheese fillings. Every region in Argentina is famous for its own version, and here, Francis teaches how to make two of his favorite recipes from Mendoza wine country: baked meat empanadas with onion, eggs, and olives; and fried cheese and onion empanadas. Not only is this family-friendly dish easy to make, but it’s also the perfect meal for the kids or to serve at a party. Plus, Francis teaches how to make llajua sauce, a spicy empanada dipping sauce popular in Northern Argentina and Bolivia."

A classic filling for empanadas in Argentina, stuff the dough with a sweet and savory cheese and onion mixture. After it cooks, it will be oozing with delicious cheese.

Venture across Argentina and you’ll find meat empanadas everywhere. Make Francis’s favorite recipe — it’s easy, delicious, and bursting with juicy flavor.

No empanada is complete without llajua sauce, a spicy empanada dipping sauce popular in Northern Argentina and Bolivia. It’s simple to make and incredibly flavorful, bringing an added punch to the empanadas.

Learn how to perfectly choose, cut, and cook fresh vegetables on the plancha. Feel free to swap any veggies for your personal favorites or whatever you have in the fridge.

Whip up a wonderfully versatile mustard vinaigrette that you’ll want to put on everything.

Join Francis as he teaches all the secrets of how to make his version of the humble bodegón (Argentine cantina) classic including which cut of beef is best to use, the techniques of how to pound it, how to make homemade breadcrumbs, and the steps to pan sear it in clarified butter.

In quintessential Mallmann fashion, serve the milanesa alongside a simple, fresh, and untidy with a “Picasso”-style lettuce and tomato salad.

When it comes to fried eggs, he likes to serve them elegantly in butter and fry them until crispy. The crispy fried eggs are then served with angelic avocado and devilish sriracha to give the dish some balance and contrast.

Francis shows you how to make the classic style of scrambled eggs, complete with some crispy panceta on top.

Francis shows you his broken style scrambled eggs, which you do right in the pan with a fork.

Smashed potatoes are the perfect crispy side dish. Serve alongside steak, fish, or chicken.

Francis cooks a lot of potatoes, but this might be his most famous. Learn how to thinly slice the potatoes and carefully cook them in butter. The result? A crisp potato with golden edges and tender insides that catches the eye.

Practice your knife skills to thinly slice the potatoes, or use a mandolin. It’s incredibly easy to make and will turn simple potatoes into a showstopper.

On the hunt for a stunning side dish? Place this cake-like potato dish on the table to totally wow guests.

A tribute to the Andes Mountains. This hearty Andean potato dish can be cooked on medium-low heat on a cast iron pan.

For the dreamiest potatoes with creamy insides and very crispy outsides, follow Francis’s easy recipe.

A wonderful riff on roasted potatoes, just be sure not to rinse potatoes because the starch is what will give them texture and color.

Looking for the perfect brunch potato? Here it is. Eat it plain or even top it with sour cream and smoked salmon.

Don’t throw out your potato scraps, make a meal out of it! Zero waste is always the way to go.

Learn how to make the traditional Argentinean herbaceous sauce that goes alongside any steak, or other grilled meats.

Watch and learn from the master of meat the core principles of live-fire cooking, using the cast iron surface to develop a perfectly caramelized exterior.

Francis shares this favorite tortilla recipe, using potato, onion, and eggs to make this Spanish omelette.

Francis teaches how to make this wonderful and quick meat dish with bacon, avocado, and crispy sweet potato chips.

Francis puts his own spin on this scrambler-hash hybrid that resembles an omelette, but stays true to its original ingredients: eggs, ham, and fried shoestring potatoes.

From Patagonia to Paris, Francis will transport you to Café de Flore, a famous café where the great intellectuals would gather and one of his favorite places in France. There, they serve glorious oeufs à la coque, soft-boiled eggs, a sophisticated yet simple breakfast that Mallmann regularly makes at home for his children. Not only does Francis teach the basics of boiling eggs, he also speaks about important life lessons like personal reinvention and how it’s never too late to start again.

All you need is three carrots, a handful of thyme, a bit of cream, olive oil, and a cast iron pan to make Francis’s latest hit vegetarian recipe. You’ve never tasted carrots quite like these.

Flattened tenderloin with capers, peppers, garlic, and black olives. You’ll learn how to respect the steaks’ placement on the grill and the importance of keeping it undisturbed with no “flipping and flopping.”

The egg is one of Francis’s favorite ingredients. Learn how to make oeuf brouillé, a rich and delicate French-style scrambled egg cooked in a bain-marie hot water bath.

Learn how to make one of Argentina’s favorite comfort foods, the milanesa. Francis teaches his vegetarian spin on the humble classic by using the mighty eggplant. Francis teaches how to prepare the eggplant: He chars the whole eggplant directly in the fire, dips it in egg batter, covers it with seasonings and homemade breadcrumbs, and finally, pan-fries it with clarified butter on a hot griddle. The result? A delicious dish that is also a bestseller at Francis’s restaurants.

“Oh! It’s so beautiful! I love you trout!” - Francis Mallmann Francis invented the infiernillo or “little hell” oven about 20 years ago to cook fish outside. Today, he proclaims his love for Patagonian trout and its magical taste as he fires up his small inferno to teach you how to make freshly-caught salt-crusted trout. “Once we fish something or kill an animal to eat it, we must respect who he is. And try to get the best out of him,” Mallmann says. That’s why he doesn’t add anything else to this recipe other than olive oil and salt. “Even adding lemon would be sacrilege,” he proclaims.   If you don't have access to an outdoor space to build the two-tiered fire oven, Francis teaches you how to make this fish encased in salt inside your kitchen, too. And just remember: “There’s nothing sadder than an overcooked fish. It makes me cry.” So, don’t overcook your fish and make Francis Mallmann shed tears of sadness.

“It’s tempting. It’s full of desire. And they're both very sweet.” - Francis Mallmann. In Argentina, panqueques are generally thin crepes and served as dessert with dollops of dulce de leche. Francis teaches how to make two different panqueque desserts on the plancha that make him “very happy”: Dulce de Leche Pancakes and Granny Smith Apple Pancakes. While Francis serves this for dessert, you can mix things up and surprise your family with a deliciously sweet panqueque breakfast.

Make the best pancake batter using Francis’s simple recipe. Add dulce de leche, granny smith apples, or enjoy them plain - your weekend brunches will never be the same.

An Argentine classic and Mallmann favorite, this dulce de leche stuffed pancake is the perfect dessert or weekend brunch staple. Use homemade dulce de leche, or the store bought variety - it’s up to you.

Caramelize granny smith apples right on a cast iron surface, then smother in Francis’s pancake batter, to recreate this Argentine favorite.

“Desserts in Argentina are important. We love very sweet things.” Francis teaches how to make one of his favorite desserts: Burnt citrus fruits with a sugary crust. Learn how to make this refreshing dish and add it to your dessert repertoire. It may seem simple, but it’s loaded with supremely fresh and complex flavors and textures.

When there’s a brisk Patagonian chill that fills the air, there’s one comforting food Francis wants to eat: chupín de trucha, or Fisherman’s soup with trout. “Chupín is the most beautiful word for a soup of fish,” Francis explains. Chupín is also known as fish stew and is commonly found across the region near lagoons, rivers, and fishermen's towns. The name chupín comes from the Spanish word chupar. It’s a word commonly used in the phrase, “Para chuparse los dedos,” which means “finger-licking good”. The true taste of the chupín comes from the bones and the head of the fish, plus a lot of love and care. Francis will teach the skills to make this incredible broth and how to truly build and layer complex flavors with simple ingredients. This is a dish proven to nourish the body and soul.

Francis brings us to one of his favorite places on the island, near a beautiful waterfall, to cook trout fillets sandwiched between two crispy potato cakes. Francis uses a freshwater brook trout, known for its vibrant pink color, but you can always substitute for different kinds of fish like flounder, snapper, and sole. Francis teaches techniques like the proper way to fillet a fish, using his favorite knife that he bought in 1978 in Paris. This simple recipe will be a total brunch crowd pleaser for your family and friends.

Francis teaches techniques like the proper way to fillet a fish, using his favorite knife that he bought in 1978 in Paris. This simple recipe will be a total brunch crowd pleaser for your family and friends.

Grate your potato right on the cast iron surface, capturing the air to perfectly steam the inside while developing the crispiest, crunchiest exterior.

No pots or pans are needed for this recipe. Join Francis on a hike in the wild outdoors, on the edge of a beautiful waterfall where he improvises a simple meal with only sticks and fish. Francis teaches how to build a makeshift grill and cooks freshwater brook trout fish “a la vara”, crucified asador-style over an open flame.

Learn how to butterfly fish and grill it over an open flame.

A simple dessert that only calls for 3 ingredients: Pears, salt, and dulce de leche. Francis cooks the pears in the infiernillo, also known as the little hell, an oven he made inspired by the Incan people who made stone versions high in the desert on the eastern slope of the Andes mountain range. “When you cook a pear like this, all of the humidity of the pear stays inside so it’s very, very delicious,” Francis explains adding that the slight amount of salt that remains on the outside pear skin will bring added interest and complexity.

Francis and his brother Carlos go on a nature walk to a beautiful waterfall. There, they decide to make an impromptu barbecue lunch with whatever Francis finds in his pockets. He quickly whips up one of his favorite no-fuss Gaucho-inspired camping meals: Skirt steak and burnt bread sandwich.

It’s hard to find a dessert in Argentina that doesn’t contain dulce de leche. Francis’s sous chef, Ricki Motta, teaches how to make this classic favorite that will sweeten up your life.

Clarified butter is the secret weapon Francis uses to make his food crispy and luxurious. Ricki Motta, Francis’s sous chef, teaches how to make this golden glory. Since Francis’s food tends to require open flames, the lack of milk solids in the clarified butter enables it to have a high smoke point, an ideal match for this style of cooking. The result? Crunchier potatoes, a perfect char on seared meat, and vegetables dancing in butterfat with little worry of it burning too quickly. Plus, clarified butter can last fresh for months in the fridge.

Never make another potato salad the same way ever again. Francis puts his spin on the Argentine barbecue classic side with a tangy mustard vinaigrette. While you can always use a knife, follow Francis’s motto and use your hands. “Everything you can cut and break with your hands, the better,” he says.

Create Francis’s creamy and tangy vinaigrette, which tops any roasted veg or acts as the perfect base for potato salad.

No Sunday Asado in Argentina would be complete without salsa criolla, the national sauce, alongside chimichurri, that is served at traditional Argentine barbecues across the country. Francis’s version calls for a fresh medley of chopped onions, colorful bell peppers, tomatoes, red onions, and spring onions drenched in acidic red wine vinegar.

Francis doesn’t like salads that are busy and cramped on a plate. Instead, he leans towards the generosity of space. Learn how to make one of Francis’s favorite salads that he calls simple yet noble.

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meet your teacher
Francis Mallmann

Francis Mallmann, the prominent Latin American chef, is known for his rustic open-fire cooking style in wild and remote locations. A lover of music, poetry, and nature, the celebrity Argentine chef was a protagonist in the first season of the Netflix series Chef’s Table and is the author of the James Beard award-winning cookbooks. USA Today named his restaurants among the “top 10 places to eat in the world”, while Esquire called him “the most interesting chef in the world”.

Discover Francis Mallmann's dishes, secret tips, and favorite recipes.

Learn how to cook the foods that made the “King of Fire” the chef he is today. Make Francis’s favorite recipes at home. You’ll leave this class inspired and with a whole new set of culinary skills.

Francis's Story
Documentary | Inspirational | Patagonia, Argentina
Francis Mallmann’s Documentary Film
50 min

Journey with Francis to his remote island in the Patagonian wilderness. The classically French-trained chef famous for his primal open-fire cooking methods reflects on his trajectory as he enters a new introspective chapter in his life.

Get into Francis'S kitchen and learn his incredible recipes
29 lessons
Sunday Asado
30 min
Francis's Roasted Chicken with Rescoldo Vegetables
32 min
26 min
Chapa Veggies with Vinaigrette
14 min
Milanesa with a Simple Salad
13 min
Eggs - Fried & Scrambled
14 min
Potatoes, A Love Affair
30 min
The Perfect Steak With Chimichurri
14 min
17 min
Steak of The Stonemason - Bife De Albañil
14 min
Revuelto Gramajo
9 min
Oeuf À La Coque - Soft-Boiled Eggs with Soldiers
10 min
Caramelized Carrots
8 min
Flattened Tenderloin - Lomo Aplastado
10 min
Oeuf Brouillés - Custard Eggs
4 min
Eggplant Milanesa
13 min
Salt-Crusted Trout
12 min
Panqueques - Dulce de Leche & Apple Pancakes
10 min
Burnt Fruit with Cream
6 min
Chupín de Trucha - Fisherman's Soup
14 min
Trout-Stuffed Rösti
8 min
Asador Trout A La Vara
10 min
Salt-Crusted Pears with Dulce De Leche
6 min
Gaucho Sandwich: Skirt Steak & Burnt Bread
10 min
Homemade Dulce de Leche
7 min
Clarified Butter
4 min
Potato Salad
7 min
Salsa Criolla
10 min
Ensalada Mixta - Lettuce & Tomato Salad
4 min
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