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Homemade Dulce de Leche

Francis Mallmann

Lesson time 7 min

It’s hard to find a dessert in Argentina that doesn’t contain dulce de leche. Francis’s sous chef, Ricki Motta, teaches how to make this classic favorite that will sweeten up your life.

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– We will make, Dulce La Leche, which is typical sweet from Argentina. And it’s very simple to make, you only will need milk, sugar, and a bit of sodium bicarbonate. The idea is first, to mix five grams of bicarbonate, with one kilo of sugar, we just put there and then you will add this to the milk. There is two liters of milk, one kilo of sugar, and five grams of sodium bicarbonate. So you mix, and when you’re done this the like, the crispy or the crunchy of the sugar it’s already made or otherwise you can put just your finger and taste it. And if you don’t feel nothing, it’s okay it’s already mixed. So next step is when it’s mixed, you have to go to the pan to mix all the sugar with the milk. And actually the sodium bicarbonate will give that typical brown color for the Dulce de Leche. Okay, so now we will go to the pan. I will take my wooden spoon to give the last… mix. – If something give it in the bottom, you can mix and then finish to put here, that’s it. Well, now I will start on the fire. So in the beginning you can put on a high heat but the idea is then we have to keep cooking about four hours. So you have to keep very slow fire and evaporate very, very slow. Otherwise can be like, if it’s too strong can burn because there is sugar on the bottom. So you have to take care of that. And that’s it. So when you put the first minute, you mix and make sure that all the sugar is mixed with the milk and we with Francis, we really use Dulce de Leche so he have in his restaurants, in his place we make a lot of recipes with Dulce de Leche. So it’s always nice to make our own Dulce de Leche. When you have you can keep longer in the fridge if you want. So you can make just one time a month maybe. And it’s very good. Okay. Now I will put lower. Very slow is like a crown, you know, well, that’s it. Now we have to leave there. Doesn’t need to move for the rest. But if you sometimes have it about doubt the first minute you can check and see how is the sugar. And there is no sugar at the bottom, but after that you just leave it and leave the Dulce de Leche free there that he will be okay. You don’t mix it for the next four hours, til it’s done. Okay, it’s time to take it off the stove After four hours, we get this Dulce de Leche, which is different for the Dulce de Leche that you can buy the shop, which is more harder. This is much kind of sauce that you can use for pitas for example, or whatever you would like to use. But it’s more, you know, like a sauce it’s not hard. And you can use like a soup, for example like a soup, Dulce de Leche soup but you put something I don’t know or pancake or something on top. So you can make many recipes with this kind of Dulce de Leche The difference, I will show you. This is the Dulce de Leche that you can buy in the shop, which is hard. Also very nice and very tasty because in Argentina, every Dulce de Leche is nice. You fight between which is nicer, but all are nice. If you want to make it thicker just let it reduce even longer until you get to the consistent you want.

About the Instructor

Francis Mallmann, the pioneer of open-fire cooking, is South America’s most famous chef and is known for his rustic open-fire cooking style in wild and remote locations. Join the James Beard award-winning author and Chef’s Table star as he brings you on a journey into his kitchen in the Patagonian wild where he teaches you how to master the grill and his Argentine-style barbecue.

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