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Caramelized Carrots

Francis Mallmann

Lesson time 8 min

All you need is three carrots, a handful of thyme, a bit of cream, olive oil, and a cast iron pan to make Francis’s latest hit vegetarian recipe. you’ve never tasted carrots quite like these.

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– So, basically what I’m going to do, is I get three of these nice carrots I have, I’m gonna cut them in little rounds. I’m gonna get one of my knives for this. And you see how I cut them? Okay, I’m gonna go to the casserole to boil them. Perfect. And when that gets a boil again, probably five minutes. I won’t cook them all the way through. I don’t want them to be hard, but you know they have to have a little resistance in in in the in the tooth when you eat them. This is very, very tender thyme. So delicious. I’m gonna put some olive oil into the pan, just a little bit. I’m gonna go and pick up my carrots. I’m gonna use this to dry them up, so you don’t ruin the olive oil that I put in the pan. If I put them very watery, it will start sizzling, and I want to put them quite dry. But if I put a pair something like that, plus the heat that they have that will help them dry too, then when I put them in the pan, they will be dry. Tiny bit more of olive oil. I’m gonna add now the cream. Now we let that boil and reduce, until it becomes like a honey, become like a ricotta. Very delicious. So, I’ll sit and wait. Cast iron is a bit tricky, because you don’t wash it, you clean it with a cloth. You know, if something burned, maybe you can scrap it a little bit with a spatula, but, ideally you keep them with fat or lardon, while they’re steeping and not being used, that’s the best. And then when you use it, you heat it, you clean all that melted fat that was there for weeks, and then you you can start using it, and it won’t stick. The cream broke, and that’s what I wanted, you know? Because now I’m gonna get this sort of honey, buttery honey, that will start sticking to the carrots, and give them this crust on them, and they will get a beautiful color, the carrots, with that. Oh, beautiful. Beautiful. That’s what I want. Little bit of sea salt. So that’s exactly what we wanted, the butter to break down, and then to stick to the carrots, as they did, you see? A little bit of thyme. Delicious.

About the Instructor

Francis Mallmann, the pioneer of open-fire cooking, is South America’s most famous chef and is known for his rustic open-fire cooking style in wild and remote locations. Join the James Beard award-winning author and Chef’s Table star as he brings you on a journey into his kitchen in the Patagonian wild where he teaches you how to master the grill and his Argentine-style barbecue.

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