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Clarified Butter

Francis Mallmann

Lesson time 4 min

Clarified butter is the secret weapon Francis uses to make his food crispy and luxurious. Ricki Motta, Francis’s sous chef, teaches how to make this golden glory. Since Francis’s food tends to require open flames, the lack of milk solids in the clarified butter enables it to have a high smoke point, an ideal match for this style of cooking. The result? Crunchier potatoes, a perfect char on seared meat, and vegetables dancing in butterfat with little worry of it burning too quickly. Plus, clarified butter can last fresh for months in the fridge.

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– So now we will make clarified butter. There is a butter that we use a lot with France’s in a lot of recipe because you can fry. You can just make crispy, for example, potatoes or Milanesa. So to make the clarified butter, if you don’t get it you can make your own because it’s very simply. You just will need a pan with water, half water and a big piece of butter. And the only thing that you have to do is just put the butter on top of the pan. And then we will go to the fire to start heating the water and the heat from the water will start melting very slowly the butter. And in that process, you will have like two layers. The big one on on top will be the clarified butter on the bottom, the milk solid. So the only part that we can use is the clarified butter. And then the other part, we just will throw away. But it’s very, it’s a small part of that. So we have to leave there around half an hour. Its depend how hot is the temperature, but the idea is that you have to make like very, very slow. So it’s, don’t mix it, you know because we need to separate, okay. So we only have to wait and then we will split in two. Now after 30 minutes, I will take out the pan with the butter, which is completely melted. And you see there is on top. You have to move very slow. Don’t mix it. It’s very clean. You know, this gold. Later on the bottom you have the milk solid. Good. Now we just… Very slow. So you don’t mix. Again, you are getting the clarified butter on top. Very slow, so you don’t mix. You have to be patient, okay? Don’t rush in this moment because it’s very careful. So you go very slow and try to keep only that gold which is amazing for cooking because there is not water left or milk solids. The butter has just fat left. Actually, if you are really interested to to do something with that, for example you can do Mayonnaise and this is clarified butter.

About the Instructor

Francis Mallmann, the pioneer of open-fire cooking, is South America’s most famous chef and is known for his rustic open-fire cooking style in wild and remote locations. Join the James Beard award-winning author and Chef’s Table star as he brings you on a journey into his kitchen in the Patagonian wild where he teaches you how to master the grill and his Argentine-style barbecue.

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