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Vineyard Breakfast: Wine, Cheese & Eggs

Erez Komarovsky

Lesson time 9 min

Travel to the northern Galilee to the vineyards of Shvo Winery, to cook an open fire breakfast along with Gaby the winemaker. Erez tosses veggies and eggs into a pan, they share much wine alongside cheese and fresh bread. A simply perfect breakfast.

Students give this lesson an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars

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(Israeli music) (food sizzling) (cork pops) (glasses clanging) (food sizzling) – Opa! (Israeli music) Gaby! Come, come! Come, Gaby, come. (jazzy music) – Is this a good enough place for you? – Wow. – Okay, let’s do breakfast. – Let’s do breakfast. – Breakfast. (door shuts) Okay, if you are a man, you have to do it in with one match. One match. Wow. (sticks snapping) (man blowing) (men laughing) And wine, wine. I need wine. I just got the zucchini from the garden. Let’s open this. I brought us plates. Okay. Wine. – Bottle of wine. I can see that. – This. Very nice, that. – Wow. – And chili peppers. And olive oil. Wow. And olives. And salt. Take some cheese that we bought. Some goat cheese. Open them. – I can’t. – Oh, no, no, no you cannot do all at once. You’re right. – Some things are more important than others. – Apricot jam. From my trees. And that’s it. Onions, do we want onions also? Let’s do eggs and zucchini and onion. (cork pops) – Isn’t that a beautiful noise in the morning? – Yeah, it’s the best noise. It’s the best noise. (wine pouring) I’m thirsty. It’s a nice Grenache, Barbarian Syrah. (glasses clang) (light mandolin music) – One of my favorite breakfast wines. What can I do to help? – Open the cheese from the packages. I put onions into the tray. (metal thuds) and I’m just chopping them very coarsely. And I will add some olive oil (oil sizzling) The zucchini from the garden. Ah, you see? – You just picked it here? – Yeah and I got some marjoram from the garden. (food sizzling) Add some chili. Salt. (food sizzling) – I just added the grapevine and margoram and green chili pepper. And we are going to do a nice breakfast with those beautiful eggs. Opa! Single handed. The best to cook in nature, no? In the vineyard. And to drink your wine. It’s better than working. (mandolin music) Okay. Wow, good cheese. (cork pops) – You know Coluche the French comedian? There’s a scene, he’s dead a long time ago but there’s a scene when they’re sitting and eating like this and he’s looking and saying, “On n’est pas le plus malheureux.” (We are not the most misfortunate) So this is very appropriate. – Yeah. – We’re not the most miserable. – No. On n’est pas. (We are not.) Wow. Okay let’s eat. (mandolin music) I will use the bread as a fork. Actually it’s nice with the grapevine. – Grapevine leaves. – Good egg. Cheers. (glasses clanging) Keep doing this wonderful wine. (men muttering) Look, look, look, look, look. The ants started to take the cheese already. It’s nice to be in the nature because you share your food with all the animals. It’s amazing. – Yes. – Gaby, I wanted to ask you something. I stopped matching wines to foods… …a long time ago. I just drink what I love and I eat and I choose erratically. – I know a little bit about how you cook and it’s a it’s a nightmare for sommeliers to match. – A nightmare? – Very difficult. Israeli cooking in general and your cooking definitely so, but as you can see, we’ve been drinking white. – This is a perfect wine for this. – Went very well with this. – Even better than the Rosé. – Even better than the Rosé, the rose is really nice for that. We gotta maybe drink the red. – What is in your red? – This is a blend of very, Mediterranean blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre with a little bit of Barbera in it. (cork pops) What I like about this wine is you can find it in many of the, sort of, top restaurants in Tel Aviv but also in simple restaurants. Which is, to me, very important. (soft music) (men laughing) Cheers. (glasses clanging) This is very much like your Galilean cooking. Very spicy. – Wow. – Very rich. Very, you know, you want to cuddle it a little bit. – And you want to eat pepper with it. – And you want to eat pepper with it. – You want to eat pepper with it. Taste the pepper with it. – Yes, Chef. (soft music)

About the Instructor

Renowned chef, baker, and cookbook author celebrated as the “Godfather” of modern Israeli cuisine, Erez Komarovsky takes viewers on a journey to discover the roots of his Middle Eastern cuisine. Starting from the bustling markets of Tel Aviv, Israel to his blissful home in the North Galilee, Erez teaches viewers how to bake his “flowering” Challah and Pita breads, plus his signature dishes including Lamb Kebabs, Hummus Mezze with Falafel, Harissa Chicken, Fish Crudo and more.

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