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Rustic Summer Cake

Erez Komarovsky

Lesson time 11 min

Erez teaches a simple, sweet, summery cake straight from his childhood. This quick confection is based on a batter of butter, flour, sour cream and lemon zest, and topped with juicy fresh apricots that are roughly halved and dunked waist-deep in the batter.

Students give this lesson an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars

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(upbeat music) – It’s the cake that I remember from my childhood. My mother died 12 years ago. It was my mother’s cake. Every time I do it, I remember my mother and it brings a little smile on my face. And good memories. (upbeat music) This was our summer cake. She used to make it day after day after day. We were four kids and we were eating it like animals. (upbeat music) It is the easiest cake around and the best one for the summer. So all you need is one baking tray like this. And you just butter it, generously. You take the butter out, 200 grams of butter. Okay? It’s important to start with room temperature butter in cubes and eggs. Okay. So let’s start. I take the butter and you just put it into the mixing bowl. You take sugar. You can use of course, raw cane sugar. You can use demerara sugar. You can change the kind of sugar you’re using, but it’s not a lot of sugar for this cake. And I, and I will start mixing the butter and the sugar together. (mixing) Just making everything soft. (mixing) I like to do it by hand because my mother used to do it by hand also. (mixing) This is why you need room temperature butter. Because if you start with cold butter, you will not be able to do it. And now the butter and the sugar starts to be a little fluffier and whiter. You see? I’m moving to a whisk and I add one egg at a time. Room temperature, remember? (mixing) The first egg will be incorporated and I will continue with the second one. (mixing) Okay. The third one. So the whole process is very easy. It’s a piece of cake. And the fourth one that was broken already but I saved it. (mixing) It’s more romantic to do it by hand. Okay. And now I’m going to take the sour cream, also room temperature, old fashioned sour cream. Full fat. Don’t want do it with low fat sour cream. (whisks) This is a cake. This is not a diet recipe. (whisks) It’s going to be much tastier with a full fat sour cream. Okay. Now I’m going to grate some lemons. (grates lemon) From two lemons. To make sure that I do not grate the white part, because it’s bitter, only the yellow part, so I don’t put pressure on the zester. Grate the outside yellow skin. We are trying to capture the summer in this cake. You eat it and you feel the summer. (grates lemon) Okay. Very nice. I mix it again. (whisks mixture) So, I’m going to take 175 grams of the self rising flour. Measure it here. I weigh my flour so it will be consistent and we won’t have mistakes. So, it’s one cup and three tablespoons. If you don’t have self rising flour, use flour and half a tablespoon of baking powder. It’s the same. So now we are moving into this wonderful, wonderful tool. It’s a lovely muffin. And we just fold it together. You don’t want to mix too much because the gas will go away. It will be a much heavier cake. See, I almost do not mix it. I just fold it. And it’s okay if there are still a little lumps of butter. And now, we have the batter. (upbeat music) Lovely. So let’s take all the fruit now. We are using very ripe apricots and we just put it into the batter. (upbeat music) You can use a peaches. You can use plums. You can use any other stone fruit that you love, or it’s in season. It’s about one kilogram of apricots. (upbeat music) Okay. You keep all those pits because those pits are excellent for making marzipan. I keep them here. After I dry them for a few days, I keep them here. I will show you how to do it. And you, you add it to your marzipan. It’s delicious. It’s like bitter almonds. It has a trace amount of cyanide. You use it for very little amount. This is the wonderful seed of almond. It’s a little bitter, but very little. Excellent. Excellent for baking and excellent for doing marzipan. And, I’m eating it. I love this flavor. Okay. Let’s continue. Let’s continue. (upbeat music) And now I’m taking all the mulberry that we got from the tree. And I just put only the black ones, the ripe ones. (upbeat music) And I eat some. (upbeat music) If you don’t have Mulberry, you can do it with cherries. raspberries, blackberries. You can do is with black currants, red currants or whatever you like. Don’t be afraid to put a lot. It’s a fruit cake. And now, we are going to put some demerara sugar. Just sprinkle a little. Don’t don’t put too much. I will show showed the exact amount now. That’s it. Well, we don’t want too much. And now, let’s put cold butter on top. I want it to melt slowly into the fruit. I can put it inside the apricots. If you’re obsessive, you can do it this way. If you’re obsessive, you can go to therapy also or you can bake. But it’s better to bake and to go to therapy. You can bake with your therapist. Okay. This goes into the oven. 170 degrees Celsius. We did it in 10 minutes. 10 minutes. (upbeat music) After 45 minutes or 50 minutes, it’s ready, but you can stick a toothpick inside and see if it is dry. Nice. Very nice and big. You place it on top of a net, it’s better. So it will cool evenly. (upbeat music) Butter. Take some powder sugar (upbeat music) It’s so easy. It’s such an easy cake and the best, the best for summer. The best for summer. (upbeat music)

About the Instructor

Renowned chef, baker, and cookbook author celebrated as the “Godfather” of modern Israeli cuisine, Erez Komarovsky takes viewers on a journey to discover the roots of his Middle Eastern cuisine. Starting from the bustling markets of Tel Aviv, Israel to his blissful home in the North Galilee, Erez teaches viewers how to bake his “flowering” Challah and Pita breads, plus his signature dishes including Lamb Kebabs, Hummus Mezze with Falafel, Harissa Chicken, Fish Crudo and more.

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