Grilled & Roasted Stone Fruit
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Lesson from Jamie Oliver's class

Video time: 17 min

Learn how to transform stone fruits into a show-stopping dessert. Jamie uses peaches, nectarines, apricots, and plums, but you can use whatever fruit is in season.

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Jamie Oliver
Teaches his Home Cooking
Jamie invites you into his home and life, as he shares his story and teaches the recipes that made him the person he is today, in his first-ever online class.

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Toasted Hazelnuts
Toasted hazelnuts are not only a delectable way to add a rich nutty flavor to any dish, but they add a wonderful crunchy texture as well. Sprinkle it on fruit, ice cream, or even in a salad. It’s never a bad idea to have a jar of toasted hazelnuts handy.
Vanilla Ricotta
The sweetness and luxurious flavor of fresh vanilla beans combine beautifully with the smooth creaminess of ricotta cheese in this delightful dessert.
Grilled & Roasted Stone Fruit
Learn how to transform stone fruits and honey into a simple, show-stopping dessert. Jamie uses peaches, nectarines, apricots, and plums, but you can use whatever fruits are in season. Serve up with luxurious vanilla ricotta and toasted hazelnuts.
Wow your loved ones tonight with the food of the world’s greatest chefs, made by you.
Get instant access to all YesChef classes now
Get instant access to all YesChef classes now
Jamie Oliver
Teaches his Home Cooking
Jamie invites you into his home and life, as he shares his story and teaches the recipes that made him the person he is today, in his first-ever online class.

Jamie Oliver
Teaches his Home Cooking

Jamie Oliver’s first-ever online class is an immersive experience that takes you through the food, stories and principles that shaped the world-renowned chef. Learn from Jamie in a totally new way, as you discover his favorite recipes, techniques, and cooking principles. His unique class combines storytelling and learning, and captures his life’s work in a single experience for the first time. You’ll come away not only with confidence and inspiration, but over 50 exclusive recipes that will change the way you cook forever.

Jamie’s lesson plan

Jamie Oliver, like you’ve never seen him before. Step inside Jamie's world as he shares a lifetime of cooking wisdom. Be inspired to lead a healthier, happier, and more delicious life through the joy of food. Learn the dishes and essential techniques to cook like Jamie at home.Step inside Jamie's mind as he imparts a lifetime of intimate and meaningful cooking wisdom. Go behind the scenes to Jamie's UK home and headquarters to get a full glimpse inside the private life of this iconic celebrity chef, and learn the secrets behind 25 years of his favorite recipes, techniques, and cooking principles.

Unlock the secrets of homemade pasta and discover its joy and ritual. Learn Jamie’s fail-safe tips and tricks, and master the basics, such as how to activate the gluten, knead and roll out the dough, and hand-cut 8 different types of pasta.

Take your pasta-making skills up a notch with Jamie’s classic pasta bianco. Creamy, silky, and delicious, this dish is Italian simplicity at its best. Learn the principles of pasta sauces so that you can expand your pasta repertoire in endless new ways.

Learn how to transform stone fruits into a show-stopping dessert. Jamie uses peaches, nectarines, apricots, and plums, but you can use whatever fruit is in season.

Everything you need to know to make the ultimate salad! With Jamie’s guidance, you’ll learn the principles of building crunchy, delicious, and satisfying salads. Discover new ways to combine vegetables, fruits, greens, proteins, cheese, herbs, and toppings, all to achieve true salad greatness.

This classic Italian sauce is both versatile and easy to make. Jamie guides you through the nuances of achieving an intensely flavored homemade pesto. Don’t miss his game-changing secret ingredient.

Jamie teaches you how to max out on flavor with this heart-warming veggie dish, ideal for any day of the week. Learn how to make a nutritious curry from scratch, balance spices, and cook perfectly fluffy rice.

This simple smoked salmon sandwich is Jamie’s ‘favorite sarnie ever’. Jamie meets his friend Max Bergius from London’s renowned Secret Smokehouse to uncover how the best smoked salmon is made. Discover how crème fraîche and a drizzle of lemon changed Jamie’s life.

Jamie’s principle dough recipe unlocks countless bread variations, from pizza to calzone, focaccia to twister bread. Learn how to develop the skills you need to master dough and bake with confidence.

Now that you know how to make Jamie’s principle bread dough, learn his tips and tricks for making pillowy focaccia with a crunchy bottom and a show-stopping pesto twister bread.

An iconic British Sunday roast you’ll want to make again and again. Take a journey through Jamie’s memories to discover the dishes that come together to make an epic feast. Transform your roasts into unforgettable meals by learning how to make the best roast beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetable sides, classic condiments, and a rich, homemade gravy. Seconds, please!

Give your margarita a Jamie twist by using strawberry jam and fragrant fresh herbs. This refreshing cocktail goes well with a round of pizzas and a group of friends.

Gain the confidence and technique to break down a whole fish at home. Jamie walks you through the skills you need to select, fillet, and prep an entire fish from start to finish. Using salmon to demonstrate, Jamie explains his method to create a variety of serving styles and teaches how to make the most of the trimmings so you can waste less, meal prep, and save money. One fish, endless opportunities.

Tasty, colorful, and full of the good stuff, learn how to prepare pan-seared salmon and seasonal vegetables, couscous, and harissa yogurt in just 10 minutes. Drawing from decades of experience and his own dedicated Nutrition team, Jamie shows you how balanced, healthy eating can be both satisfying and delicious

Take a walk in the woods with Jamie, light a fire, and learn his secrets to making the most luxuriously silky eggs. Experience the sounds in this special ASMR lesson as you discover it’s all in the technique. No instructions, so listen and watch closely!

Indoors or out, unlock the secrets to making the best spaghetti ever. Be bold with humble ingredients and learn how to craft Jamie’s fiery pasta arrabbiata, packed with chilies, anchovies, tomatoes, and garlic. Find out why vodka is the magic ingredient for a game-changing sauce, and how to add a crunchy twist to any pasta dish with a herby pangrattato.

Yes, you can make world-class ravioli at home, and Jamie shows you how. Learn to take your pasta-making to new heights as you color and flavor the dough, roll out your sheets, and prepare a herby ricotta filling with a simple butter sauce. Perfect for weekend cooking with the family, Jamie teaches how a little patience turns into unforgettable meals and memories.

A vegetarian shawarma like you’ve never cooked before. Learn how to marinate and roast humble vegetables, turning them into a total crowd-pleaser. Then, pack the flame-roasted veg onto homemade flatbreads with DIY pickles, tahini-yogurt, dukkah, feta cheese, and fresh herbs.

Jamie gets together with mentor, best friend, and chef Gennaro Contaldo to cook up an Italian classic. Learn how to transform a few ingredients into an unforgettable savory pasta dish, with plenty of tips to get carbonara right every time.

Learn the key principles of pastry making, which can be applied to both sweet and savory pastries. Then, while the dough is resting, Jamie teaches you how to poach chicken for super-tender results, create a sumptuous mashed potato, steam fresh greens, and make an umami-packed gravy. Bring it all together for the best pie, ever.

This captivating documentary follows the life and career of Jamie Oliver, the internationally renowned celebrity chef and restaurateur. The documentary takes an intimate look at Jamie’s life journey, from his early days cooking in his parents' pub to becoming a global celebrity superstar. It examines Jamie's struggles with dyslexia, his commitment to his family, and his mission to educate people about healthy eating and fight against childhood obesity. Take a rare glimpse inside Jamie's world as he guides you through the places he calls home - London and Essex - and shows how he is changing the world, one plate at a time.

Push your culinary skills up a level and create incredible pizzas at home using Jamie’s principle bread dough recipe. Jamie shows how to experiment and be creative with his Italian favorite.

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What our students have to say

"Fun, inspiring, and I'm going to make grilled stone fruit tonight!"

Nien S.

"Absolutely genius."

Steve A.

"Yummy, looks very delicious (and doable)!"

Jerome H.

"This is an amazing recipe. I can see having this one as a specialty in the summer when stone fruit is best. I love watching Jamie and loved his words, smellovision! Thank you, Jamie."

Ann M.

"absolutely loved it!"

Sus H.

"Such a beautiful dessert which must smell fantastic in the house 😋!"

Angela S.

"Going to cook this. Delicious"

Sharon C.

"I love Jamie's receipes. They are perfect for the family. He is such a good teacher. I cant waite until part 2 of Sunday dinner come out."

Brenda S.

"loved this method of cooking stone fruit. I will make this week! this method is perfect so I will put it on my top 10 dessert list! Thanks Jamie"

Ann H.

"Absolutely loved it... opens up the senses. Thank you Jamie. Also, loved how it was filmed and edited. Congratulations."

Katja B.

"Love the idea and presentation was warm and friendly! Really enjoy it, and looking forward to seeing Jamie again🌺"

Susan T.

"It’s like I am in the kitchen with Jamie! I am loving spending time here, can see me cooking this dish/variations on these ideas. Thanks!"

Michelle P
Michelle P.

"Looks delicious, and fairly easy to do. Thank you Jamie."

Eve D.

"Looks so delicious I headed to the market for the ingredients!"

Melanie b.

"I made the Grilled & Roasted Stone Fruit, oh my goodness it was so delicious! The combination of ingredients was genius…sweet, crunchy and rich. Yum!"

Debbie M.

"Oooooh, Jamie! Stonefruit never looked so delightful.Next dinner party this is on the table, no stress."

Audrey C.

"Jamie's thoughtfulness as a teacher comes through in these delicious vignettes."

Cindy B.

"Looks amazing! I Will try next Time I want dessert!❤️"

Jenny B.

"UNIQUE¡¡¡ NO MORE WORDS. I can smell it from this far place. MAGNIFIQUE JAMIE"

Norma R.

"I just love how respectful you are towards your ingredients so inspirational."

Tish P.

"I loved this episode. Jamie is so welcoming."

Susie H.

"My mother raised us on fruit for dessert. She would have loved this. A definite make!"

Vania S.

"Wonderful, and delicious, thank you, jamie Oliver!"

Clara I.


Trish M.

"This will make the house smell wonderful and be a welcome addition to plate for thanksgiving."

Debra R.

"Gorgeous!! Natural, simple and comforting."

Luis B.

"Wow that plate of roasted and baked stone fruit with creamy vanilla and honey ricotta and the delectable syrup, is a feast for the senses,Thank you!"

Marianna D.

"Wow! Can't wait to try it. What kind of honey do you recommend?"

Margaret M.

"Can’t wait to make this!"

France P.

"Love love love this recipe and cannot wait to cook it. It is so simple!"

J B.

"This is so beautifully simple. Can’t wait to try it."

Ann T.

"Kept it simple an elegant!!!!!"

Basil K.

"I made it only with apples as I had only this fruit for the moment, but the result was good 😊. I can imagine with a fruit variety it should be excellent."

Nadja N.

"lost for words...not limited to Jamie btw! All chefs here are epic!"

Henk S.

"Lovely! I really believe that I can smell it in my imagination!"

Barb T.

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