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Erez Komarovsky

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Erez fires up his Taboon oven to create a traditional Lebanese dish named for the pan it’s roasted in, with lamb kebabs, tomatoes, and raw tahini.

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– I put tomatoes and onions into the oven, directly into the fire so they will burn from the outside. Okay so let’s do a Siniya. Siniya is a wonderful pie with kebab meat, and Tahini on top and it’s a very traditional Lebanese dish. Am doing it slightly different because we did the kebabs and we are left with tons of meat. Then I put, as you could see earlier tomatoes, and onions into the oven. And I just burned them. Okay, I just burned them, and now I’m going to peel them while they’re hot and I put them here. This metal tray is called Siniya. And it’s a very traditional Lebanese dish. In the tradition, the Lebanese do it in a flat layer of meat and then I find it a little too dense. So I’m just going to do the kebab here and it’s going to be much lighter in the head and I will add all the veggies, the charred veggies. Am just chopping them very coarsely. And I spread them in the tray. And now I’m going to take the tomato. And I do the same, I pull off the charred skin. So I do it in the tray, it’s very easy. It’s the easiest dish and the most tastiest. You can do it with a cherry tomatoes. You can do it with charred eggplant and in the winter you can use winter vegetables, charred kohlrabi. Leave some of the charred skin on, it will give it a little smoky flavor, which we love. Remember all my poetics is fire and smoke, fire and smoke. Now you’re just, push it and cut it, and arrange it, evenly, so in every bite you will have both tomatoes and onions. Now you’re going to place all the half-grilled kebabs that we did, on top. And this is it, this is it. We’re going to top it with the Tahini we opened, with cold water, a little salt and lemon juice. And we’re going to put it. You need around four cups of opened Tahini. It’s the same recipe that we did for the falafel. You know it already, by now you want to know it you have to do with your hands tied behind your back. And this is it. We just shake it a little bit so it will settle down everything. And this goes into the oven. So easy, in your regular oven it can be for 10 minutes on to 250 degrees Celsius. In the taboon it would be seven minutes, five minutes. And you don’t want to dry it. In most restaurants when you go to eat Siniya in Israel it’s completely dry because they overheat it. So make sure it’s not dry. Off to the oven. Okay, so the Siniya is ready, it’s completely ready. Let’s check it. Wow, gorgeous. Okay, wow. Perfect Siniya. And now you sprinkle some hyssop Za’atar on top. Wow this is the best.

About the Instructor

Renowned chef, baker, and cookbook author celebrated as the “Godfather” of modern Israeli cuisine, Erez Komarovsky takes viewers on a journey to discover the roots of his Middle Eastern cuisine. Starting from the bustling markets of Tel Aviv, Israel to his blissful home in the North Galilee, Erez teaches viewers how to bake his “flowering” Challah and Pita breads, plus his signature dishes including Lamb Kebabs, Hummus Mezze with Falafel, Harissa Chicken, Fish Crudo and more.

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