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Oeuf Brouillés – Custard Eggs

Francis Mallmann

Lesson time 4 min

The egg is one of Francis’s favorite ingredients. Learn how to make oeuf brouillé, a rich and delicate French-style scrambled egg cooked in a bain-marie hot water bath.

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– So, this is a very delicious recipe with eggs. It’s done a bain marie. That means that you have a casserole with boiling water, which is this one. And on top, you have this beautiful basin where I’m gonna cook the eggs. So the water is boiling, and I’m gonna cook the eggs in here. I’m gonna start by putting a nice toast, for my eggs, on the grill. Here we go. I have a little bit of butter inside my basin here. It’s sort of bathtub. It’s so beautiful to make the eggs here, and I’m gonna mix four eggs. I’m gonna use the green ones that I really like. One. Two. Three. And four. Little bit of salt, a little bit of pepper, best friends of the eggs. Both of them. Nothing more. Eggs don’t need much more than that. And I’m gonna sort of beat them a bit. And I’m gonna go into the bathtub. Now, I’m gonna whisk constantly, so they don’t overcook. I’m gonna flip my bread. It will take, I think about four minutes, five minutes, until it starts to cook, and it will become a nice thick like a curd. It’s delicious if you put some truffles in it, thinly sliced truffles, generously. It’s just to whisk them constantly, so they don’t become an omelet. I will take them out before that. You need patience. Okay, we’re done. Add a little bit of cream. See, It’s like a curd. So you eat it with a toast, too. Very important, the toast. So you can, you know, sort of go in, start biting. Oeuf Brouillés.

About the Instructor

Francis Mallmann, the pioneer of open-fire cooking, is South America’s most famous chef and is known for his rustic open-fire cooking style in wild and remote locations. Join the James Beard award-winning author and Chef’s Table star as he brings you on a journey into his kitchen in the Patagonian wild where he teaches you how to master the grill and his Argentine-style barbecue.

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