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Cookie Policy

Date of Last Revision: Nov 1, 2021

At YesChef we respect your concerns about privacy and value the relationship that we have with you. This Cookies Notice (the "Notice") explains how YesChef Ltd. (“YesChef,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) uses cookies and other similar technology to recognize you when you use our website, mobile application, or other online or mobile service (the "Site"). It explains what these technologies are and why we use them, as well as your rights to control our use of them.

This Notice explains:

  • What are Cookies?
  • Types of Information Collected and Reasons for Collection
  • Types of Cookies We Use
  • Duration of Storage of Cookies on Your Device
  • Cookie Management
  • Consequences of Deactivation of all Cookies
  • Changes to the Cookies Notice
  • Contact Us

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a site, that enable us to, among other things,: (i) recognize your computer; (ii) store your preferences and settings; (iii) understand the web pages of the Site you have visited; (iv) enhance your user experience by delivering and measuring the effectiveness of content and advertising tailored to your interests; (v) perform searches and analytics; and (vi) assist with security and administrative functions. They are then returned to the original website on each subsequent visit or to any other website that recognizes them. For more information on cookies, go to

The term "Cookie" is used in this Notice in the broad sense to include all similar techniques and technology, including web beacons, tracking pixels, and log files. For more information on these additional tools, see our glossary below.

Types of Information Collected and Reasons for Collection

Cookies help us to better understand your expectations of our Site and, as a result, allow us, among other strategies, to offer our visitors a pleasant and sustainable experience. Here are examples of the types of information that we collect through Cookies:

  • The number of users visiting the YesChef Site, the frequency with which the Site was viewed, the pages viewed, the clicks made on the Site and the total duration of navigation on the Site;
  • The name of the website visited prior to the YesChef Site;
  • Whether you are visiting our Site for the first time or not;
  • Your viewing preferences (e.g. layout, sizing preferences, language etc.);
  • Your purchases and your orders; and
  • Your user name, your password, the type of browser used and your IP address, so that we can identify you during your next visits.

In addition, Cookies allow us to do the following:

  • Customise your visit: We may use information collected during your visit to facilitate your next visit to our Site;
  • Customise the advertising and marketing messages that appear on the Site, whether ours or those of third parties; and
  • Analyse customer trends: We compile information on individual Site visits and analyse them as a whole in aggregated form.

Type of Cookies We Use

We use first-party and third-party Cookies for several reasons. Some Cookies are required for technical reasons in order for our Site to operate, and we refer to these as "essential" or "strictly necessary" Cookies. Other Cookies enable us to track and target the interests of our users and to enhance the experience on our Site. Third parties also serve Cookies through our Site for advertising, analytics and other purposes. The specific types of first and third party Cookies served through our Site and the purposes they perform are described in more detail below.

First-party Cookies

These cookies are created by YesChef. They are, for the most part, used to allow you to browse our Site and use its features. First-party cookies include:

  • Essential Website Cookies: These Cookies are strictly necessary to provide you with services available through our Site and to use some of its features, such as access to secure areas.

  • Functional Cookies: These Cookies allow you to browse our Site or benefit from some of its features, such as memorizing language preferences or placing orders online.

  • Analytics Cookies: These Cookies allow us to collect statistics (aggregated and anonymous) on the usage of the Site by you and other visitors. This information helps us improve the features offered on its Site.

Third-party Cookies

In addition to our proprietary Cookies, some third-party and affiliated companies may place Cookies on your computer, access them and associate web beacons with them. These Cookies enable third-party features or functionalities to be provided on or through the Site. The parties that set these third-party Cookies can recognize your device both when it visits our Site and also when it visits certain other websites. Third-party cookies include:

  • Functional Cookies: These Cookies are defined by third parties who support our Site and they allow you to use useful services and features, such as instant messaging support.

  • Online Behavioural Advertising Cookies: These Cookies are defined by our advertising partners and collect data about your browsing habits, as well as your preferences for products and services. This information allows YesChef and the ad networks that we work with to display relevant ads on the most relevant pages of partner sites and the YesChef Site. For example, third parties or affiliates may manage YesChef advertising programmes on a non-YesChef site.

Duration of Storage of Cookies on Your Device

The duration of storage of Cookies on your device may vary, depending on the category to which they belong: temporary or permanent.

Temporary Cookies

We use temporary Cookies on all of our secure pages to assign and register a session ID. This identifier is also used for internal reporting purposes. It does not allow us to identify you personally by name and this type of Cookie does not leave any information recoverable on your hard drive. Most of our proprietary Cookies fall into this category and expire when you close your Internet browser.

​Permanent Cookies

Our first-party Cookies and third-party Cookies are permanent Cookies. They allow us to understand visitors' browsing behaviour over a longer period of time or to provide you with additional features related to your Site customisation requests and the content that you have saved or stored. They can stay on your computer for 24 hours, a week or several years, depending on their function. This means that these Cookies survive after your browser is closed and can be used by our Site to recognize your computer when you re-open your browser later.

Cookie Management

We only place Cookies on your device after you give us permission. If you do not want to receive some of the categories of Cookies used on our Site, you can use the means described below to disable them. Note, however, that we will still need to set a Cookie on your device to remember your preferences when you visit our Site again from a single browser.

At the moment, it is technically impossible for you to synchronise your settings between your browsers and your devices (your computer or your smartphone). You must set them on each browser/device that you currently use and each time you use a new browser or device.

You can decide whether to accept or reject Cookies. You can exercise your Cookie preferences by managing Cookies from your web browser. As the means by which to activate or deactivate Cookies varies from one web browser to another, you should visit your web browser's help menu for more information on Cookie preferences. You can also configure your browser at any time to be notified of the receipt of a Cookie, so that you can decide whether you want to accept it or not. Cookies do not under any circumstances read the data from your hard drive and you can delete them from your computer at any time. You can also manage the use of Flash technologies, including flash cookies and local storage objects with the Flash management tools available at Adobe's website.

In addition, most advertising networks offer you a way to opt out of targeted advertising. If you would like to find out more information, please visit or

Consequences of Deactivation of all Cookies

If you choose to deactivate all Cookies, you may continue to use certain parts of our Site. However, some useful features may not work anymore.

Please note that if you have disabled one or more Cookies, we may continue to use the information that was collected by such Cookies before they were deactivated. However, we will cease to collect any information via the opted-out Cookie once a Cookie has been deactivated.

Changes to the Cookies Notice

This Notice may be revised occasionally and in accordance with legal requirements. Any changes made will be reflected on this Site. This Notice is specific to YesChef operations and applies to information that you provide online, as well as other means. Please re-visit this Cookie Notice regularly to stay informed about our use of Cookies. If you have any questions, please contact us as explained below.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the use of Cookies on our Site, do not hesitate to contact us by email at: You will also find more general information about the types of personal data we collect about you and how you may exercise your data privacy rights in our Privacy Policy.


Cookies are text files that contain information and are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They are then returned to the original website each subsequent visit or to any other website that recognizes them.

Log files are Web server files (storing information such as domain names or IP addresses, URLs, the http response code, the website from which you access ours and/or the date and length of your visit) that are created automatically when a user visits a site.

Some pages of our website contain web beacons (also known as "Internet beacons," "web beacons" or "invisible GIFs"). A web beacon is an electronic image usually composed of a single pixel. It can be placed on a web page or in an email to transmit information, including personal data such as the IP address of the computer that downloaded the page in question, the URL of the page, the time of consultation of the page and the type of browser used, as well as the data contained in the cookies sent by a third party.



Get unlimited streaming of all YesChef classes

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Nina Compton believes delicious meals aren’t about trends, shock value, or opulence – they’re about moments, memories and those who surround you at your table. In this class, she combines her deep knowledge, her classical training and her warmth of spirit to teach you all the insights behind the simple yet sophisticated cuisine that’s won her countless accolades.

Join her on a journey through the culinary capital of New Orleans, and back to her Carribean roots of St. Lucia to explore the depth and breadth of Creole cuisine. Emerge with a command over flavor and a deep understanding of the traditions that inform Nola’s fascinating and complex corner of the culinary universe.



Get unlimited streaming of all YesChef classes

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When Narda Lepes opened her plant-centric restaurant, Comedor, in the middle of the meat lover’s paradise of Buenos Aires, many Argentine traditionalists scratched their heads. But one by one, Narda won them over with her common sense approach to cooking, one that puts flavor at the forefront and lets seasonality and sustainability steal the show. In this class, learn to let intuition, rather than tradition, be your guide to cooking and nutrition. Narda teaches simple ideas and principles that will let you find freedom in the kitchen, while showing you the ingredients, techniques and producers that make up Argentina’s culinary culture. This is not a vegetarian or vegan class, it’s a celebration of the plant kingdom, seen through the eyes of an Argentine omnivore.



Get unlimited streaming of all YesChef classes

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In this special class– co-headlined by husband and wife– you’ll get a one-of-a-kind mind-meld between these two gastronomic geniuses. Explore the flavors, styles, and ingredients that have put Peruvian cuisine on the map, taught by Latin America’s foremost culinary experts. You’ll also get a closer look at Mater Iniciativa, the interdisciplinary research center led by Virgilio’s sister, Malena Martinez. Go on a journey with this special trio to visit their award-winning restaurants in Lima and Cusco, follow them into the Andes and the Amazon, and return to their home kitchens to learn the dishes most personal to them.



Get unlimited streaming of all YesChef classes

YesChef is 0 0/month (billed annually)

Through his food, Chef Onwuachi urges us to embrace the richness of African and Caribbean culture and cuisine that’s been lost, diluted and appropriated over the years. In this class, you’ll get a true taste of the Afro-Caribbean kitchen, his way, straight from the source. Think spicy, red jollof rice, and even more deeply flavored banga stew. Think “suya” skewers — a go-to staple of Nigerian street food — with tomato soubise dipping sauce. Think fragrant, floral Pepper Soup that warms the stomach and clears the sinuses. You’ll learn Nigeria’s version of a mother sauce, “obe ata”, a mix of aromatics that forms the base flavor of many dishes. Prepare for an immersive, flavorful joyride into the West African and Caribbean kitchen, with Kwame’s one-of-a-kind spins influenced by his Jamaican roots, his Creole-country upbringing, and his current life in the Bronx.



Get unlimited streaming of all YesChef classes

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Shrimp & grits, chicken & dumplings, biscuits & gravy — these are the southern recipes and traditions that Sean Brock reimagined and raised to prominence in his iconic restaurants. In his class, you’ll learn these soulful classics, while also venturing into unexpected territory. In Sean Brock’s new town of Nashville, he’s discovering new ingredients, inspirations, and insights into Southern cuisine, and he’s teaching the flavors and dishes that are driving his culinary renaissance.


Teaches her North Indian Cuisine

Get unlimited streaming of all YesChef classes

YesChef is 0 0/month (billed annually)

Asma Khan grew up taking the express train from Kalcutta to Darjeeling every summer with her family. It was an overnight journey spanning 500 kilometers and a handful of distinctive culinary regions, each rich with their own flavors and traditions.

In this class, we climb aboard with Asma to take the same nostalgic trip through West Bengal, discovering the incredible dishes and recipes unique to each stop along the way.


TEACHES: Pizza, Pasta and food I love

Get unlimited streaming of all YesChef classes

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Chris Bianco, author of “Pizza, Pasta & Other Food I Like”, has lived behind a wood-burning oven for the better part of thirty years. His impeccable pies – with crusts as fine as bakery bread and world-class ingredients as toppings – are all the evidence you need of his lifelong obsession.

In this class, you’ll learn the recipes and fundamentals behind Chris’s signature pizzas, as well as strategies and techniques for translating his methods to the home kitchen. He’ll take you to northern California to visit his namesake organic tomato farm, Bianco DiNapoli, and explore Arizona’s little-known history as a supplier of the world’s best durum wheat.

A master of simplicity, Chris argues that good food is “about stopping when it’s enough” and he’ll teach you to trust your editing instincts on your way to the perfect pizza, pasta and produce.