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Teaches Her Plant-Focused Cuisines

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Chef Narda Lepes’s class

Documentary & Hands-on

Techniques, Skills & Secrets

Of Exclusive Video

When Narda Lepes opened her plant-centric restaurant, Comedor, in the middle of the meat lover’s paradise of Buenos Aires, many Argentine traditionalists scratched their heads. But one by one, Narda won them over with her common sense approach to cooking, one that puts flavor at the forefront and lets seasonality and sustainability steal the show. In this class, learn to let intuition, rather than tradition, be your guide to cooking and nutrition. Narda teaches simple ideas and principles that will let you find freedom in the kitchen while showing you the ingredients, techniques, and producers that make up Argentina’s culinary culture. This is not a vegetarian or vegan class, it’s a celebration of the plant kingdom, seen through the eyes of an Argentine omnivore.

Coming Soon

Narda Lepes

Our upcoming teacher is a prolific best-selling author, a culinary influencer, and Latin America’s Best Female Chef of 2020 (The World’s 50 Best Restaurants).

Chef Narda Lepes’s class






CLASS Preview

Lesson plan

Erez's Story

Story: Documentary ● Tel Aviv & Mattat, Israel

Legendary Israeli chef Erez Komarovsky takes you on a delicious journey, from the bustling center to the serene North, to uncover his story and modern Middle-Eastern cuisine.

60 min

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Frequently Asked​ Questions

YesChef is a subscription video service where the world's best chefs are teaching exclusive cooking classes for the home cook.


Each class is a cinematic, story-driven journey that culminates in hands-on teachings in the chefs’ own home kitchens. YesChef is available on all devices so that you can learn anytime, anywhere.


Our all-access subscriptions give you unlimited access to an ever-growing library of classes by the world's best chefs.

Each class typically amounts to 5+ hours of exclusive video content, starting with a documentary story about the chef, which takes you on a cinematic journey to show you the people, places, flavours and ideas that are inspiring their cooking today.


From there, the learning continues through ±12 hands-on lessons teaching the dishes that are most personal to each chef, the skills, techniques and concepts that took them a lifetime to acquire.


Each video is accompanied by its short-hand recipes, ingredients list, step-by-step real-time instructions and subtitles.

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