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Francis Mallmann

Teaches his Argentine Cuisine

At the Edge of Uncertainty
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YesChef is $15 $10/month 

Our upcoming teacher is a world-renowned Argentine chef, award-winning cookbook author, and expert in cooking over an open fire. One of South America’s most influential chefs, Francis Mallmann is celebrated for the passion, freedom, and flavors he brings to his food.

Take a journey to Francis’s secret island in Patagonia, Argentina, to discover the “Seven Fires” cooking and grilling techniques that have taken him a lifetime to master, and learn how to recreate them at home.

In his class, you’ll learn over 40 recipes, each uncovering the secrets to Francis’s style and flavors, based on his favorite ingredients, like potatoes, eggs, chicken, root vegetables, meat, and fish, including Sunday Asado barbecue, roasted chicken and veg, and dulce de leche crepes. 


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Nancy Silverton

Multiple James Beard Award-winning chef, best-selling cookbook author, and the restaurateur behind Michelin-starred Mozza, a Los Angeles gastronomic institution.

One of America’s most influential chefs, Nancy is celebrated for her unwavering pursuit of making the most delicious food possible.

The Pursuit of Delicious

Chef Nancy Silverton’s class

13 Lessons

From Nancy's Kitchen

40+ Recipes

Techniques & Secrets

6 Hours

Of Exclusive Video

Take a mouth-watering journey from Nancy’s homes in Panicale, Italy, to Los Angeles, California, and discover her personal story, secrets, and techniques.

Nancy’s Class includes an hour-long documentary story and over 5 hours of hands-on lessons.

Learn a lifetime of knowledge as Nancy teaches over 40 signature dishes and techniques, including her Caesar and other salads, Chi Spacca Pepper Steak, roasted veggies, and Mom’s Apple Pie.

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About this Class

  • Class Highlights
  • Techniques
  • Recipes

Take a journey with the world-famous Pastry Chef, Nancy Silverton, as she takes you into her homes in Italy and California to discover her story, techniques and signature dishes. 

Nancy rolls up her sleeves and teaches the principles and processes behind her renowned cuisine, and imparts a lifetime of knowledge in her immersive YesChef class. 

Nancy's signature flavors and  approach  ●  California-to-Italy cooking  ●  Caramelized Apple Pie ●  Roast any vegetable  ●  Chi-Spacca Pepper steak  ●  Nancy's Caesar salad  ●  Homemade pasta  ●  The best potatoes  ●  Condiments  ●  Discover Bagna Cauda  ●  Vegetarian and Vegan dishes  ●  Much more

Nancy teaches the tricks and techniques for creating delicious family meals, and dazzling dinner parties.

Roasting  ●  Chopping  ●  Seasoning  ●  Baking  ●  Caramelising  ●  Grilling  ●  Flavour layering  ●  Pasta making  ●  Stewing  ●  Herb combinations

Learn a range of Nancy’s signature dishes, that took her a lifetime to perfect!

Basil Pesto  ●  Salsa Romesco  ●  Pepper Steak  ●  Nancy's Caesar Dressing  ●  Spiced Lamb Riblets  ●    ●  Peperonata  ●  Bagna Cauda Sauce  ●  Stewed Celery  ●  Roasted Eggplant  ●  Roasted Cabbage with Champagne Vinegar  ●  Pie Dough  ●  Caramalized Apples  ●  and many more

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